Extreme Backfiring from 206

Hi there,
So I am having issues with my 206 backfiring really hard (running too rich) and accelerating really sluggishly. This happened after putting the float to its factory setting of .84 due to the engine cutting out during high g cornering. I have tried adjusting the Idle Speed and Mixture however that made no difference and sometimes worse, to the point where with the muffler on fully I am getting flames and huge pops. Any ideas?

Usually backfiring is caused by a lean condition, as lean mixture tends to burn slower…

Since the adjustments did not seem to help much, my guess is that you potentially have an air leak somewhere.

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I agree with James. Check your exhaust to make sure it is tight on the head. Could have a leak there. Also, check the carb manifold joints. Carb to manifold and manifold to block. Were you in an incident where someone could have contacted the carb? Often times it will bend the manifold and cause it to leak at the gasket and/or o-ring.

Even a mediocre carb tune will not cause a backfire.


We had issues 2 weeks ago with our exhaust coming lose and then resafety wiring it so that might be the issue, thank you!


Had a somewhat simular issue with my daughters kart. After I reset the float height and cleaned the carb, issue went away. Prior to the cleaning the screw did not adjust the idol (at all) but afterwards it reacted as intended. I’m no expert, hope this helps.

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