Factory Karts "WEB" System

Factory Karts of Riverside CA, in partnership with a major R/C manufacturer, has developed a new brake system to improve the performance of shifter kart brake systems. The Wireless Electronic Brakes consist of a redundant triad brake pedal force transducer, a brake control and transmitter unit, and three individually powered 43/49 MHz band receiver / caliper units with tonewheel frequency feedback.

The driver’s measured force input is converted to a desired deceleration force, with gain and maximum deceleration slip ratio adjustable using the Factory Karts application for iOS (Android version coming later). A signal is then sent to each caliper and a brushless servo applies and releases the brake. A release limit switch is used to ensure full brake release without drag for corners and straights; a second limit switch guards against amplification failure and commands a full brake application if 200 lbs of force is applied to the pedal. Four USB-C charging cables and a charging block are included. Radio system mean-time-between-failures is 80 hours, which is 10x the industry standard for wired electrical systems.

Factory Karts Chief R&D Officer Billy Musgrave says that the benefit to driver confidence is only matched by the intimidation factor. “It’s amazing how many drivers will get right out of your way after they see this system. They’ll leave the entire inside wide open all the way to the apex”. A limited number of units are available. Email [email protected] and include “April 1st Wireless Electronic Brake Special” in the subject line for a price too low to advertise!


Perfect for those pesky backmarkers.

I heard it was developed in partnership with the former Safety Advisory Council for Kamui Kobayashi.