Hey guys,
Have any of you used factorykarts.com to order any parts/ supplies from?
I know they make chassis etc. I just cannot find a reliable phone number to be able to reach out and ask questions.
Just wanted to check on their reliability and customer service. Also make sure it’s not a scam lol.

$5k for a Tag chassis? Why not just buy a new OTK chassis if you have the kind of buget.

It’s not the chassis, they sell mychrons for $100 less than anyone else

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100 bucks is not worth it for future hassle. If you are going to race it, you want a source for parts and support.

My local track has mychron support. I was talking about just ordering the unit from them for 599
Rather than 699 from any other supplier.

Factory Karts is a legit brand run by the Musgraves, but I’m not sure what kind of stock they keep on all the ancillary stuff like MyChrons. The phone number on their website doesn’t work?

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Both phone numbers that I have found don’t work. One is for their web services provider and the other seems to be a personal number lol

That’s annoying.

Well either way, they are indeed a real shop/team run by well-known people. No experience with them myself, but it’s definitely not a scam.

Good to know, any insight as to why they would be selling a mychron 5s 2t for 599 rather than 699 like everywhere else?

Might be an error or old pricing based on a time when they had stock. It’s hard to know these days, but the internet does have some examples of older prices showing because there is no stock.

Factory kart looks like it’s good quality, so that’s good for a start.

The brand\color of the chassis you choose should be based on what you will be able to find support for at the races you plan doing. Not nessacarily what looks like it does well in a series and track that you don’t run on tires you don’t use etc etc.

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See also: Factory Kart Feedback

It sounds like OP is specifically asking about just buying a MyChron from them since their pricing is cheaper, not buying a Factory Kart.

But yeah, I would imagine their website has outdated pricing. But I would order it anyway and make them honor the online pricing.

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Got it. Yeah order one and see what happens, it’s probably not in stock is my best guess.

Most likely old pricing. Nobody in US can sell Mychrons under the retail price set by AIM. It’s a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), which changed few months ago.

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people don’t tend to look at Summit Racing for stuff, but i most definitely purchased my mychron 5 from them for $460 something. it was listed at $499, and they gave me a veteran discount, which dropped it down in the $460’s out the door. i phoned in the order and talked to someone, to make sure i got the price and discount. i think i ordered it in january 2022, somewhere it said it would ship in april, so i was expecting to wait, but it showed up within 2 weeks, if i remember correctly.