Factory Kart Feedback

Anybody have experience with Billy Musgrave’s chassis, Factory Kart? Curious how it drives, positives, negatives, etc…

This is what I’m referring to: https://www.factorykarts.com/

Your help is appreciated, as always!

I have some experience with the shifter frame. Saturday I did a test day at NCMP in the HMG Kart (Harden Motorsports Group), which is made by Musgrave and based on the Factory Kart design. Ran about 60 laps on the day and really liked it.

Build quality seems great, and some of the features are nice improvements over the standard Italian designs.

I’ll be racing that kart in KZ Masters at the upcoming Stars race 5/21-5/22, and will be able to pass along more feedback at that time. Ran a 1.08.1 on the Stars layout, and last year’s pole time in Masters was 1.08.9…so the chassis seems fast :sunglasses:


Here is my Opinion:
I’ve been driving mine every weekend since I bought it.
The kart drives very well for me and doesn’t have any flaws I could find.
Top-notch quality builds, almost everything is CNC made and fits perfectly.
The Musgrave support has been more than I could hope for.
If I had to do it again, I would not consider any other kart. Love it!

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Yep. I’ve decided to get one with a KA motor. I’m amped. Working with Billy has been great so far! Will post some pics when I get it!

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Coming back to my earlier reply on this topic, I was able to use an HMG Kart (made my Factory Kart) at the first round of the Stars Championship Series at NCMP. We had a stacked field with nearly 20 drivers in KZ Masters, and 27 in overall Masters Shifter (includes Rok).

My only complaint is that I had to readjust the shift lever due to the rose joints being slightly out of alignment and putting it in a bind. Quick and easy fix. Really enjoyed the chassis, and was able to bring home a commanding win in the main on Sunday.

The kart is tremendously easy to drive, meaning it is responsive and goes where you want it to, but also physically much easier to drive than other karts I’ve been on recently. We started out the weekend on the setup that I tested a few weeks ago, and made a few changes throughout the weekend, basically converging on a box stock setup for the final on Sunday. Only time we went the wrong direction on setup was trying a Hard axle for the pre-final. Here was my setup from the event for anyone who is curious:

  • AMV Tiger wheels
  • Medium axle, chassis down, 55” rear
  • Standard wheelbase
  • 90mm magnesium rear hubs
  • Greyhound 2020 seat with 2 struts per side
  • Middle front ride height
  • Neutral caster, zero camber, 2mm toe out per side
  • 75mm front hubs, 4.5 lines wide
  • Middle Ackerman on steering column
  • Bottom Ackerman in spindle

What tires do they run in that class/series? I can’t recall.

MG tires, so Yellows for shifter classes, and Reds for all other classes. Shifters get two sets of tires for the weekend, so we run qualifying- heat 1- heat 2- prefinal on one set, and final on another set.

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Awesome to hear.

I’m getting their single-speed chassis with a KA motor on it, so I’ll for sure post some details here when I receive it along with a bunch of pictures. Cant wait!

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Congrats! 8s is indeed a commanding lead.

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Seems like a pretty standard set-up for any chassis in most classes. Except for the secret sauce that is…AMV Tiger wheels :smiley: