Factory Kart Feedback

Anybody have experience with Billy Musgrave’s chassis, Factory Kart? Curious how it drives, positives, negatives, etc…

This is what I’m referring to: https://www.factorykarts.com/

Your help is appreciated, as always!

I have some experience with the shifter frame. Saturday I did a test day at NCMP in the HMG Kart (Harden Motorsports Group), which is made by Musgrave and based on the Factory Kart design. Ran about 60 laps on the day and really liked it.

Build quality seems great, and some of the features are nice improvements over the standard Italian designs.

I’ll be racing that kart in KZ Masters at the upcoming Stars race 5/21-5/22, and will be able to pass along more feedback at that time. Ran a 1.08.1 on the Stars layout, and last year’s pole time in Masters was 1.08.9…so the chassis seems fast :sunglasses: