Fair weight for KA100 against TAG125?

We’ve got a TaG class at a tight, twisty track, with speeds reaching 55-57 MPH at the end of the straight.

Right now, TaG Lite has X30 at 370# and Rotax at 365#. Many of our drivers are bolting on fifty pounds of weight.

For a light driver, is there a good starting point for a fair weight to run a KA100 against the X30s? Would 310# give an advantage in some places and a disadvantage in others?

What tires would you be on? If you’re comparing MG Reds to MG Yellows, I don’t think even 50 pounds would be enough. If you’re running MG Yellows on a KA, running 310 or 320 might be doable. KA on Reds is about 1.5 seconds off X30 on Yellows. Tires would make up a bit of that difference, then you’d have to look at the weights from there.

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Aaron, they’d all be on Yellows.

The only people that will be able to get an adult chassis with a KA to come in at 310lbs would have to weigh 140lbs or less.

Chris, that’s why it would be a nice option to have, as we do have some smaller drivers locally mounting an inconvenient amount of lead to their karts.

I just drove an unweighted KA today and I came in at 314 lbs kart and driver and I’m about 135 lbs.

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179lbs for the kart? Nice and light. What’s weight for pros? KA100

KA weight is 360 total.

It ripped pretty good being 45 pounds light, definitely wanted to kick mid-corner on power. Felt a bit more like a kart was supposed to feel.

Surprised me because when I ran HPV Lite back in the day overall weight was 320 and I know I had more than 6 lbs of lead on that kart. The KA package with the battery is a good chunk of weight compare to an HPV.