Feedback on Reply Button and Quoting

Might I make a suggestion? The word “reply”, I think, is used for too many different purposes. If I want to answer a post, I hit “reply”, after I finish the post, I hit “reply”? If I want to quote a post, I hit “reply”? Maybe it’s just me, I’m kind of use to how they did it at Bob’s. They use the terms “quote” if you want to reply to a post with the original message. They use the term “reply” if you do not want to include the message. They use the term “post” to post a reply. I’m getting used to your way of doing it, but at 1st it was a little confusing.

There’s a quote function too. Basically highlight what you want to quote in the comment and a button that says quote pops up. That then opens a response with the quote highlighted like this:

Hey Alvin. I’m going to move this to feedback…

For sure the software we use (Discourse is a fair bit different to Vbulletin (EKN forums). It took me a while to get used to some things too. Discourse intentionally started from scratch to build something that would support great discussion and community in a world of cat pics and political memes. With that, there’s some things we’re used to have changed. Like a lack of ability to have a signature for example. Threads are called topics. I’ve had to drink the koolaid a little for the greater good :smiley:

The easiest way to quote (Dom got there before me) is to drag your mouse (or finger on mobile) over the text that you would like to quote and you’ll see a small popup to quote it. This will create a quoted reply.

Here’s a screenshot.

On an unrelated but feedback note, is it possible for a user to toggle off the feature announcing how long since someone last posted?

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It might be. Let’s see what the consensus is.

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Complete indifference but its cool to know if its been a while

I’ve been using Xenforo for the last 6 months or so. I believe EKN is using one of the Wordpress forum add-ins.

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Welcome Bob! That’s right you moved ( to Xenforo, I forgot.
EKN on bbpress + buddypress it looks like.

Sadly the vbulletin forum EKN had for a long time ( been down for a few months.

I don’t feel strongly about it. It’s not going o stop me coming to the forum. I just find it disrupts my comprehension flow. Could be more me than the system.

I mainly thought if the option was there I’d do it for myself. I don’t want to create unnecessary headaches or work for James.

I can put it down on the list for the next round of updates (some cool stuff coming) and at least see if I can get some info from Discourse on it… perhaps get it requested for a future date.

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