FI 2-strokes

I’m curious on what people’s thoughts are on the new 2-stroke FI engines. I see this as just a modern evolution of the platform and a way to avoid the loss of power with the 4-strokes, but some people seem to think that they are wrong, should be banned, etc.

What’s your take in regards to karting?

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Which engines are we talking about? I like the idea of playing with FI for myself. Often I see it touted as making things easier for folks, I’m not entirely convinced. You’re really swapping one set of problems and challenges out for a set of new ones.

Forced induction ie turbos?

FI - Fuel Injection

Better control over the introduction of oil and AFR.

Anyone got a link or a video for context?
Otherwise I have no idea what you’re talking about.

KTM announcement from last year:

Seemingly persuading KTM to get involved in karting has been a challenge. Historically they have not been interested in selling engines alone. Perhaps the injection system could be adapted?

There’s a couple of options out there. I know Riley Will from BRC engineering has been developing something.

Everything on the horizon for karting (IAME 175, KA100 and VLR) right now is carb based, I don’t think we’ll see EFI being adapted anytime soon unless it’s forced in some way.

CRF250 is the closest I’ve seen to having something in production, but that’s a four stroke.

Like I say, the biggest problem is that the collective experience (ie ability to help others with knowledge) of the karting community would be somewhat diminished if EFI was widely adapted. You could argue that EFI simplifies it, I’m not thoroughly convinced that that’s the case.