FiA Girls on Track Program (2021)

Anyone following my other thread, where I’m trying to get my 7 year old daughter into karting. I came across this series on the FiA Youtube page called girls on track, where they partner with Praga and Ferrari (amoungst other sponsors) where they groom several young girls (under the age of 15) from karting until the finalist make it into the Ferrari F4 driving school.

Kinda cool for anyone with daughters and such looking to get into motorsport. (or in our case, karting)

I do wish they would have gone into more detail regarding their selection process. But its still cool to watch. Its definately a business. I did notice the lack of U.S. representation amongst the candidates.

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I am a little biased on this front. Yes, I agree girls need strong role models. However, I feel like this is another poaching of the good driver from the Karting Community, boy or girl, into Formula Racing. Like Karting is the only path to Formula 1. Sure, it take a vigorous stamina to handle and F1 car, but why does Karting have to be the feeder group? I will consent that Karting provides young drivers with the earliest opportunities to learn how to handle a race vehicle, but it does not exclude experienced drivers from progressing beyond their current status. And, Yes, I would want my daughter to have a chance at participating in this School if for no other reason than stoking her confidence!!!

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Wow, what a great experience for these young ladies! Impressive program! Will be interesting to see if these girls will actually progress into F1.