FIA International Karting Rankings

@Simone_Perego make sure to nudge whoever at the FIA has done this to include OK-N in the drop down menu. Not there currently.

Only events on the International Calendar are counted for in 2023, since its the launch year and we want to make sure everything works by having full control over the data.

Correct though, don’t know why the drop down excluded OK-N, fixing it now.

Now fixed, thanks for heads up :grimacing:

np, where do I send my invoice? :laughing:

I would also argue mini/junior/senior should be separate collective categories, rather than having one single overall ranking. Having a ranking system whereby those individuals can’t possibly race each other doesn’t seem to make sense to me. A child being the #1 ranked karter is a bit odd

We’re going off topic, so maybe we should start a dedicated thread :sweat_smile:

Check the regs for better clarity, but current P1 is there based on the aggregate results of the only race that has been held so far on the International Calendar (Lonato’s Winter Cup), and due to the fact that the Mini category actually had the highest amount of drivers during the event (if you read the regs, it becomes clearer as to why this outputs a higher points score based on the equipment used)

I actually think its pretty cool that we have a logarithmic metric that is capable of comparing people that can’t technically race each other on the basis of multiple factors that are considered to quantify the quality of your performance. I think we’ll see some really interesting positioning throughout the year (like an X30 driver killing it and being really high up, even if they don’t race in our Championships)

Certainly a good idea in princpole, I just think ranking children vs adults is not really desirable come rain or shine. It’s not something other sports do as far as I can tell. I also think it places undue pressure on them and they should be protected from the pressures of what amounts to professional competition. They are children at the end of the day.

The question then arise. If I am a mid-grid OK driver and I am outranked by an X30 drivers why should I race OK? I invest in the FIA karting concept, and then the FIA rewards a driver who hasn’t invested in the FIA? I know more points are effectively awarded, but still.

II am a hardliner, so I wouldn’t have any commercial class there :slight_smile:

As you know, the attempt is to start a procedural approach in which we consider the global karting market and bring everyone under the same umbrella ( at the end, we’re all sitting behind a steering wheel with metal tubes under our rears). I’m sure you appreciate that balancing act that you are referring to is indeed not easy. As you said, the quantitative amount of points to be scored at FIA Events is considerably greater than other events, for this purpose.

Ranking systems are a means for determining qualification for entry into major events. I think if this implemented into the system that’d be good. X30 being B events maybe and FIA being A. If you are ranked A you can’t race in X30 competition. So anyone who dominates B level competitions has to move to A level the following year. Have a true ranking system that supported the FIA class system. All this talk of ‘FIA recongised’ classes like Rotax seems odd to me considering Rotax haven’t supported the FIA since it left in the 2000s and took all the drivers. It’s whole marketing campaign has been diametrically opposed to FIA racing imo. It’s FIA recognised, but there’s zero control from the FIA in essence.

yes I am aware of the debacle back in the 80s when drivers would avoid winning big races to avoid going into 135cc haha but ranking system is pointless if it doesn’t function as a qualifier system.

Again I am hard liner, I know this … or maybe this is what u guys have in mind already :wink: :slight_smile:

and also this does feed into OK-N. I think the FIA need to show utmost faith in the concept moving forward. I’d certainly come down hard on drivers calling themselves ‘world champions’ when they weren’t. All that kinda stuff.

@KartingIsLife Don’t hesitate to send all of this to a new dedicated thread, there is still a lot to be said on the subject

Happy to do so, what’s the breakpoint though?

I got it boss! This topic can be for discussion of the new FIA International Rankings.

For those unaware, the FIA has debuted a ranking system for karters, to determine the strength of each driver participating in FIA-recognized karting events. Similar to how EKN does national driver rankings here.

I love things like this. When I was competing full-time in X30 it was always fun to see what each weekend did for your ‘status’ in the rankings compared to the rest of the country.


Thanks TJ, I missed the ranking discussion in my speed read…

Thanks TJ

As a small addition, the aim is to open it up to any organizer that is running with homologated/ recognized material and that wishes to have their drivers ranked, independent on whether or not the event is on our International Calendar.

As a small tidbit, the FIA issued “Recognized” fiches to both the X30, Max and DD2 engines, which certify basic technical spec and production numbers. Not many people know this. :innocent:

They are not fully homologated, as they do not comply with our technical and homologation regulations for various different reasons, of course.

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For the period specified, only the eight best results per driver will count towards the determination of the final classification.

So if a driver does the Rotax Euro Championship and they win each final they get around 3500-4000 points overall, is that correct?

If a driver wins the FIA World Karting Championship they get around 1000 points?

So the Rotax driver doing well at the Rotax Euros collects more points the FIA World Champion or am I missing something? The points are allocated for each event right, not the overall championship? So two wins in Rotax Euro > FIA World Champ. Drivers can do both IAME and Rotax Euro so there’s plenty more races generally available to get points as well.

With a decent grid at an IAME Euro race you get over 700 points for a win which is equilivent of 5th at FIA World Championship final and with the lack of recognised races it makes OK-N look far less attractive too at a time where it needs every slither of help it can get. Seems like the FIA are throwing the towel in on its own classes, unless I am horribly mistaken (wouldn’t be the first time)

Also, there’s only 5 official FIA races in OK and these grading take into account the best 8 races. That’s odd too.