FIA Karting World Championship Feed - Le Mans

Just thought I’d share the live feed channel.

In what seems like a rare occurence there’s a North American racing in Jordan Musser competing in KZ2 Masters and he qualified 5th in a wet qualifying.


I think there’s a couple of US drivers I think. I swear I saw Andre Martins preparing on social media too.

Yes Andre is there, he’s working with Vicera racing on YT.

So… many… heats.

Looks like a good event to be fair, tomorrow’s finals will be good.

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When I did ICA euros in 2000 there was 11 heats for each driver on one set of tires!!!

too much racing lol

One thing I’ll say about the coverage, coz I am a moaner. Camera angles are terrible and there’s barely any audio of the karts. If Eurosport got their old team together we could have some mega footage.

When was the last time there was a world championship event on North American soil?

I believe there was a round at NJMP in 2010 and maybe one at SRA in Montreal a handful of years earlier. This was when the World Championship was multi-round affair.

The last one was probably Charlotte in 1998 for Formula C. The 1986 World champs for Formula K was not without some controversy. I think some drivers boycotted the event because they deemed the circuit too dangerous.

The UK has only had one world championship event, which is worthy of note.

That was the WSK.

They did host the IAME World Finals at PFI IIRC

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KZ Final:

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Just a couple if FIA euro champs events, and a Euromax once or twice. No IAME International final. I think that’s pretty much a Le Mans only affair currently.

The fact the UK has never held a MAX Grand Final beggers belief considering how long the country has been a bedrock for the class.

Quite enjoying the live feed :slight_smile: