FIA level 2 karting suits that aren't hot

I bought an alpinestars KMX9 V2 last year, and I like it a lot for temps below about 65 degrees. It’s way too insulating for anything above that though. What level 2 suits have you guys tried that would be cooler than this one? Any chance they changed this on the 2021 version?

I love my sparco x-lite. I too have AS also but can’t wear it except in winter, even then I tend to prefer the x-lite

X-Lite at $1,400 US :scream:
Anyone else have some input, I’m in the same boat as the OP.

You’re looking at the Nomex version. The karting version of the X-Light is $575: Sparco USA - Motorsports Racing Apparel and Accessories. X-LIGHT K

I always liked Sparco stuff. I have ORG team suits now and they are really nice, especially for the price, but definitely on the heavier side and not cool on a hot day.

Check out a dye-sub printed suit if you’re looking for a cooler suit. They typically are more breathable. OMP offers some printed suits which are nice (OTK uses them as factory suits now) or a company like K1 or Torq has custom dye-sub suits for reasonable pricing.

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There are days I wish I’d go back to racing in blue jeans and a jacket.

I don’t have a Ton of variety of ownership but also own an X-light Sparco suit ( I went with it because I’m heavy and every pound counts) and it does a good job of venting and providing airflow for the driver. There’s almost always “last year’s model” somewhere for a pretty decent deal, I believe I paid around $450 for mine.

Pro tip: buy your karting suits ect from or Demon Tweeks | Motorsport, Car Tuning & Motorcycle Parts. You’ll usually save over $200 compared to anywhere in the U.S.

Here’s another recommendation for the X-light Sparco.

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OMP KS2. Very comfortable and as cool as a kart suit can get. Won’t do a thing to help if you get out of the kart…

I do own this suit and would probably buy another one. Maximum comfort, minimum protection.

Just out of curiosity, anyone familiar with the Sparco Thunder suit?:

Looks nice for the money, so I’m wondering what the catch is.

I have a Thunder and love it. Breathes really well. Two weeks ago I ran a 30 min road race in 87 degrees with humidity and I was relatively comfortable. Couldn’t say that about my old K1 suit. It had a rubber backing inside the lining and in the sun it would cook me like a turkey in a roasting bag.