FIA World Karting Champions by Age

Yes, I do these kind of things but it’s fun to analyse. as I think we can start to understand trends and so on.

So here’s the graph of the age of World Champions (give or take a year or two, and there’s a couple missing from the data) since 1964.

The most interesting thing really is from prior to around 2010 we have a decent variation of ages across the drivers. Early 90s saw some young guns come in, but as FSA developed the more experienced drivers started picking up titles. I guessed Rovelli’s age given he was Junior World Champ in 74, hence the dip in the 70s where he was probably 17 and 18 when he won his two titles.

Obviously since around 2010, bar one exception, we’ve seen that the trend is certainly younger. This is due to KF being a disaster, lower age limit, and F1’s increasing influence on FIA Karting events making it no longer Professional competition. De Vries winning so young set in motion a trend that really hasn’t changed in the last decade or so.

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