Final Race of the Year Onboard

Watch me as I try to hold on to Finch Gunther in his stock moto.
Any tips would be appreciated!
Chassis: Tonykart 401s
Engine: Iame X30 Rebuilt by Comet Racing Engines
Full caster with 3mm of positive camber
Big spacer
Chrome bar
Seat Back 10mm
H axle
1385mm rear
Mg Yellows

Sweet! Something to watch tonight.

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I mean, you kinda took a knife to a gunfight kart wise. I’d say you did OK.

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How much horsepower does a Stockmoto have? I had to try. In terms of lap times. We were doing the same times.

Ok was going crazy trying to figure out how that guy in black was able to jump forwards at the start and then tried to process how he was gaining distance on you despite any screw ups on your part.

Then I noticed the radiator looked odd and hey isn’t that a shifter tailpipe?

Nice job catching back up to him after he gapped you big. Any idea what went wrong in turn one for him that allowed you to pull back up?

Edit: also, you guys have toooootally different lines into the turn complex before the home straight. Both work, very interesting.

Edit edit: you seem to be rolling so much more speed through the turns than he is. Are you a much better driver or is he “letting you catch up”?

HP for a CR depends who you ask, the cylinder that’s on there (98 vs 01+) etc etc. anything from 34 to 41 ish.

Main advantage for the shifter is that you are making better use of the powerband by using the gears. Acceleration is a lot more violent.

Downside is having to shift 40+ times a lap and lifting in the process.
Another downside is that they are pretty heavy.

Generally an 80cc shifter is on par with a TaG and a 125 shifter is somewhere around a second or more faster. Shifters are a lot of work though.

Your video reminded me of the last time I “raced” at SKC. Lost front brakes, at 430lbs, that sucked :joy:

Yeah he has a shifter. Stock moto 125. He just braked really late. Yeah I was trying to carry as much speed as possible, and I don’t know if I’m better because we weren’t on the same engine, but he definitely was trying to pull away from me. He just bought the shifter a month ago, so he is pretty new to it.

It looks like it was a handful to drive. And the conditions were not much different expect there was no rain, but the track was green.

Yeah Finch just got it. It’ll take some time for him to settle in I’m sure. Still decent to be able to keep up.

Really wanted to come out for fun but ended up replacing a patio door that was leaking into the office. Always something :joy:.

What did you think of the x30?

Thank you. True that. I was wondering why I was so far off in 206 right away. Of course I had a bent tie rod and kingpin bolt. Also the front was toed out about 16mm total. Once I put that back to neutral and the kart was right there again. The X30 is a blast to drive. I like the power range and consistency of the engine. For only having 30ish horsepower it does a great job. I didn’t touch anything on the engine side. I had the same gear on the entire day. I would like to try a OK direct drive though.

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