Find out how many kart tracks are within 100 miles of you

Just for fun, click on the track directory, set the distance to 100 miles and reply with how many tracks are around you.

I got 12…

Let’s record this as the moment I’ve learned that they run enduro events on a track 2 minutes from my parent’s house in Clarkston MI.

Thank you for making my bank account shrink.


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For fun I did Houston while I’m here this week.

It shows 13 for me. Not too bad.

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Welcome @Trowersan . 13 is a good spread! Where are you based?

I have 3, if you include the 2 K1 Speed indoor tracks.

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I get 8 within 100 miles of Milwaukee

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I’m in Clayton, NC this week… 14 tracks

1 long track\road course (North Carolina Center for Automotive Research), AKRA have run here I believe.
0 arrive and drive (We’re still working on loading those, let me know if you’d like to help :D)
13 dirt ovals (yes, 13)
Zero sprint (Although GoPro motorplex and CMP are just under 150miles)

It can’t calculate mine but I know there are 18 outdoor and 25 indoor and 50 miles more add 6 more outdoor :smiley:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Is there a directory you are aware of that covers tracks in France? In the US, Google is still missing about 23% of the (active) tracks that we have in the directory here. They are mostly dirt ovals. I suspect it might be better over there?

Yes I think there is James I’ll look for it and give you the link :slight_smile: even theres is outdated. In just the Pays de la Loire they are missing 10-12 tracks. But you’ll get the jist :wink:

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That’s a neat site. Shame about the ads though :frowning2:

This week I’m working in Scottsdale Arizona. Karting here gives me a sad. Just three tracks. I am sure there are indoor/rental places missing though.

On second look. There’s basically only one outdoor track. There’s a duplicate location that I’ll remove.