This Week on KartPulse #5

Source image from Christan Marsh\Focal Perspecive Media. Used with permission.

I’m a little behind this week on getting this done. Nonetheless…Here’s what we’ve been working on over the last week


  • Top Topics you should check out
  • New Member Welcome

Big warm welcome and braaaaap to


Thanks for signing up guys! Don’t forget to say hi in this topic and invite your karting friends too.

  • Forum Improvements and Changes

I separated the staff\kartpulse updates category from the feedback category so all of the weekly updates are in the same place.

KartPulse Directory Updates

This week we updated the business directory with 5 businesses.
You can now find…

Alpha Design Co.
Hod Rod Designs
GO Designs, LLC
Xccel Racing
SKZ Motorsports

In the kartpulse business directory. We have a total of 120 listings, but we know there is a ton more out there, so
keep those submissions coming. let every kart business you know that listings are FREE and we’ll even give them a plug on our social media channels.

Click Here to submit a business directory listing

  • Next week - Series and events

I’ll be working to add selected series and dates for 2017 to our location aware event directory. We can’t possibly add every event ourselves, so if you are interested in helping out, drop me a message. It’s super easy to add them

  • New Kart Track Alerts

Three tracks for you this week…

Thats all for this week! Drop me a line if there’s something you’d like to be considered for inclusion