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I’ll go first…

My name is James and I have been addicted to kart racing since 1994.

Hi James,

My name is Paul and I’ve been addicted since ~2001-ish. I started in a Yamaha 4-hole can kart, did TAG for a number of years until I jumped into a ICC shifter. Currently I run a Stock Honda and just became S4 age… I’m not sure how I feel about that :joy:

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I’m Jason and I have 6 karts in my garage, 1 in my trailer, and 1 loaned out as a demo Kart at the local track. My wife isn’t afraid of me cheating because I’m out if money and spend more time looking for another Kart to buy.


I had no idea you had that many karts! I feel bad just having the one that’s gathering dust!


My name is André and I’ve been officially addicted since late 2014, although I’ve been unofficially addicted since 2006. Because of that I am now broke and have $50 in my savings account. Should be enough for a 2017 season, RIGHT?

I have 2 karts in my 1 car garage (+ a car. Wife needs to park somewhere, and it apparently can’t be the driveway.) a bad ass open-class direct-drive 1980 Swiss Hutless, and a KT100 1979 Alpha Kart which is a weird crap project.

At the track we have a 2006 Corsa Monte Carlo with an Lo206 in it. The chassis is soft, really meant for european cadet weight, so not very competitive with my fat ass on it. It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t have a seat installed anyways. :wink:

I’ve also built a JollyKart with a TAG Leopard for the co-owner of the channel. He’s also a fat ass and hopefully 30+ hp will be enough to make him stop sucking so damn much.

It’s a happy place at The Karting Channel! :sunglasses:

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Welcome @The_Karting_Channel!
Love me an old school direct drive kart

Hello all. I’ve been racing since I was 5. I mostly raced 4 cycle and eventually had to quit due to my dad losing his job when I was in high school. I just now (at 28) was able to buy myself a nice kart and was planning on racing TaG in the up coming season but I just had a daughter so that quickly became too expensive. I sold all my Tag stuff and just got a LO206 to race next season with a few friends.

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Welcome @Easy22. Congrats on your daughter.

I think what you’ll like the most about the 206 is how little work it takes to keep going competitively. More time for the kiddo :slight_smile:

Then when they hit four, you can repurpose the 206 on a kid kart chassis. Everybody wins!

I’m Aaron Hachmeister, and I’ve been racing for two years. I run a Yamaha KT100 and am currently in high school and looking to get into engineering for college

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Welcome @Aaron_Hachmeister_13. What are your racing plans for 2017?

That’s exactly what the plan is!

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I’m eyeing up the snowblower for a 206 transplant right now. Looks like a perfect fit :joy:

Hi all been around leisure karting all my life as much dad owns a indoor circuit always wanted to get into proper 2 stroke racing but never had the money or time now 25 and got a good well paid job I’ve decided to get myself a kart and start for 2017 will be either TKM clubman or extreme going to Shenington on the 30th October to get my start karting pack and have a look around at what’s for sale… any advise would be appreciated thanks all

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Hey @Sam_Stone welcome! I’m originally from Ireland myself, so not super far away. Never driven TKM myself but looks like a good time. The only advise I can give is just make sure you’re comfortable with whatever the cost is for the class you pick.

What track did your dad own? Is it still running?

Hi James my dad’s kart track is still running it’s in stourbridge west midlands… I’m from Dudley in the west midlands thats quite a bit away from Ireland pal wouldn’t fancy walking it lol :slight_smile:

I’m in the US now, fierce walk so it is! Hope to get to an F100 race next time I’m back.

Howdy all! (20 characters)

Smarta$$ lol. When did you start karting actually?

does an admin wave

Hey there guys!
I’m from the US, been karting since 2009, having done some indoor, WF, TAG and LO206. I’m racing LO206 right now, and thinking about maybe doing another TAG by the end of next year.


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