SKUSA #Supernats20 MegaTopic

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With how FaceBook controls reach and the fact that each of the kart media group tends to focus their own content, I thought it might be good to have something that shows cool content from different sources including the karting community.

Social Media Highlights

Updates from Matt Jaskol and Alex Rossi. Very interesting to hear what they had to say about returning to karting at the supernats.

Friday Update Video (Facebook)
Sunday Update before the finals.

Excellent photos from OnTrack Promotions

Seriously, great photos. Here’s some samples

Supernationals XX Sunday Gallery from OnTrack Promotions (Facebook)
Supernationals XX Saturday Gallery from OnTrack Promotions (Facebook)

From Kart360

VIDEO: Highlights from SKUSA SuperNationals XX: Thursday

VIDEO: Highlights from SKUSA SuperNationals XX: Friday

VIDEO: Highlights from SKUSA SuperNationals XX: Saturday

From Ekartingnews

Canadian Karting News:

Some samples from Cody Schindel’s gallery…

Community Videos

Rob Clinard, 2016 SKUSA Super Nationals 20. S4 SM. Heat 2
Skip to 2:40 for the race start