First race filmed on the Gopro. Looking for some advice!

You’ll need a windoze laptop to run the AIM race studio, it’s a good tool.

I pretty much just use four screens, RPM, speed and fastest lap delta plots plus split times analysis.

I finally had a chance to watch the entire race. Sorry for the late response.

I noticed in T3?, the long right-hand with banking. Looks like downhill entry with uphill exit. For such a long banked turn, you seem to turn in early. Hard to tell from the audio if this is taken flat out. If so, I can see the why hugging the curb can shorten the corner. RPM trace can tell you.

If not flat out, I would expect a wider/later entry, use the downhill to build momentum more. Then straighten out the exit to carry more momentum up the hill using the last bit of banking to help accelerate through the apex. The banking should add to the weight jacking and help the kart rotate. Just mind the marbles on the outside. I have done this in T1 at NTK and closed the gap. Unfortunately the gap opens back up in the more technical sections still, but I am working on that too :wink:. Shifters have gears to pull the hill, so their line is likely different. Might try a few variations to see what gives you best exit speed/RPM and shortest time in the corner. Race Studio will help with that as you can compare channel values against race lines. You can overlay multiple laps and see which line gives you a steeper curve on exit or reduced time delta.

Over all not bad. Looked like you settle down and smoothed out a few laps after the contact.

So I used to remove the mychron form the kart, take it home, and then Download the data at home rather than track.

I bought a cheap n cheerful Lenovo notebook think, just for data analysis lol.

So the turn is flat out easily, which is why I enter low. I actually enter higher than some. It’s surprisingly easy to pass someone in my division if they enter high which is why I don’t do it. I try to have a straight exit to scrub as little speed as possible

That makes sense if the throttle is already pegged. No sense in going the long way round if its quicker to hug the inside.