First Race of the Year Onboard

Note: Guys in front of me are all shifters.

Just some onboard to watch during breaks.
Any comments or questions welcome.
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Given the difference in power, it’s interesting that the shifters don’t pull away and stay away. Are you faster or is the course not suited to shifting?

Edit: you are faster. You are getting onnit way sooner and even passed a shifter into final corner. Of course he powered right back past, but you definitely are pulling on em pretty good.

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Thanks. The issue is that by the time I get close enough for a pass, we hit a straight away, and then I’m screwed. Round and round we go. I am working to make my kart faster on the straight away and better off the corner. The sad part is that gears don’t quite work that way. Thanks for the comment.

Do they normally lump shifter in with x30 for races? That’s gonna be a challenge.

Two questions.

One how is your video so clear? I mounted my gopro on the front fairing and it was shaky enough to make you sea sick. I record 1080 60 fps, maybe the FPS is the problem.

Were there any sr 206s? I dont see the results posted anywhere but looks like 5-6 kid karts. Would love to come up there an run this summer.

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I can get down to 150. That would be pretty cool to drive an OK engine.

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Keeping the camera as tight as you can on the kart. Hyperstablization on the Go Pro Hero 7 Black. I also record at 1080 by 60. The front fairings on karts can loosen themselves over time from vibration. Yes, there is a senior 206 class. Its the biggest class currently at 14-18 a weekend. Its under:Stockholm Karting Center on Race monitor. Its located in Cokato, Minnesota on Hwy 12.

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Thanks. I guess I need to upgrade from my gopro 3, or look to see if it has a stabilization mode. edit nope looks like thats a trick new feature for the 7 black.

I was only looking at mylaps. Thanks for the tip about race monitor.

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Hero 5 has stabilization. Hero 6 has better stabilization. 7 is better still.

6 is the sweet spot imo. 7 is almost too much.

Trick I learned… use phillips head screwdriver to crank the tightening post. Camera will not move.


I cleaned up the identity crisis I was having. (I edited instead of replying to @Bimodal_Rocket’s reply)

It’s an outlaw class, so (almost) anything goes, basically a catch all for the classes that don’t have numbers to justify their own class. There’s been all kinds of karts our yhere. CR250, CRF25”, dual TaG, KZ and who knows what else.

Shifters are pretty obese as karts go, but yeah the power and gears can make up for it. That said I think it’s like 15 upshifts over a a lap at Stockholm. Figure each one takes .2 second each. That that holds them back some

@Noahkoenig134 I should have you run my direct drive 100cc vortex (aircooled rotary formula A) and see what you can do with it. They raced at 308lbs back in the day. My weight and skills won’t do it much justice in a race.

I also have a Maxter XF1 KF2 that you could borrow. Only problem is that it might have the wrong piston in it. I think they guy put a KZ piston in it which is for nikasil liner and stamped with actual size, vs the bore size for an iron KF bore.

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Sure. That would be fun. Is the Maxter engine direct drive?

Nah it’s a low stall clutch. Powervalve and rev limited to 15k

Think TaG on steroids. Which reminds me it has a battery and starter.

Which is faster? Formula A or Maxster?

Around Stockholm, it’s hard to say.

The FA is a shit ton cooler and closer to being a runner.

The KF might be faster but you have to lug all extra electric start and water cooling junk with you.

What does the FA run for RPMS?

You could perk up the X30 too depending on how crazy you want to get.

Smaller cc head with a 30mm carb on methanol would wake it up for sure.

You could experiment with adding RC car fuel (Nitro Methane + Methanol) to your mix. You would want to be gradual and methodical about it though. Backing the ignition advance off a bit wouldn’t hurt either. Nitro adds a lot of heat.

We’d probably spin it to about 19-19.4 at Stockholm.

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That would be pretty radical driving the FA. @mikegiesson would approve I believe.

Noah, I have a TecniEngines OK I can lend or sell to you.