First Race Tires

I have two sets of used tires that will get me through the day or a set of new tires for day. I’m new and still learning. Which tires do I use? The new tires are not scrubbed and not sure if its a good idea to run them all day. Thoughts?

What do you mean by day? A short practice session, qual, and two ten lap races?

Talking about the entire race day. Practice, qualifying, and racing.

If you’re still learning… keep using used.
When the used are used up, get more used tires from someone.

Where are you racing at BTW?

That’s what I was thinking. I was going to try and snag some “throw aways” from someone at the race also. The wife wont think I need all those, I do.

I know someone clubs say that you have to race on the tires that you qualify on. But I have a funny feeling that I’ll be off pace with the leaders and me going through tech with different tires is not going to be a big deal.

Racing with NHKA at NHMS. My first race kart tomorrow.

Great group of people up there. Run used tires for now. You’ll probably get the full weekend out of a set of used ones anyway. Then evaluate how it goes and decide if maybe you want to try new tires at your second race.

Meanwhile, use the money saved to buy this book :slight_smile:

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Alright bought the book and started on it. Love his approach to karting and how it works for racing and life in general. I’ve only gotten through the intro so far.

Glad to see that @Terence_Dove is a active member here also.

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