First Shifter Race

(Coltin Craigo) #1

My dad and I chasing each other around in our first shifter race. Only our second time in them so still getting used to everything. Lots to learn.

(Dom Callan) #2

That looks pretty damn good for your first time in a shifter. I am no expert, however. Did dad chastise you for pushing him around a bit :grinning:?

(Evan Batt) #3

Looking great for your first race! I’m sure you’re still feeling out the kart, but you were really able to stretch your legs a bit once you got around the kart in front, and your lap times dropped significantly. I’d try to identify a weak point where you can set up making a move sooner. I’d also train yourself NOT to look behind you, especially when you have a task at hand right in front of you, that being passing a slower kart. It’s far too easy to lose focus by worrying about what may going on behind you…think forward, and think progress! If someone is back behind you, you’ll hear them, feel them, or both, so no need to look for them.

My perception may be off due to the video, but it looks like you’ve got some opportunity to improve under braking and corner entry. This will come with time, and is really where you’ll need to make gains in order to go from good to great in a shifter kart.

That’s a pretty sweet kart/motor package you guys have! Tell all the guys on the grid to come run the SKUSA Great Lakes Pro Kart Challenge at the end of the month! We’ll have a nice group of shifters coming up for that race! Can’t wait to run that track in a shifter kart!