First timer at CKNA

Depends on age level.

Welp, I got my CKNA stories what a weekend!..

Hung around top 12 pace for Friday practice

Got absolutely plowed from behind on the first lap of my feature Saturday and ramped up the kart in front of me…

And Sunday was where I have a story to tell for the rest of my life :rofl: Went to the H axle for Sunday and was immediately looking to be a top kart of the day, 14th to start the feature after a lousy qualifying with junk carb jets and emulsion set us back. So rain had been a question in most drivers mind before the start of this feature it had been looming all day… We gambled rain 2 karts out of the 31 field did. 90 second clock. Engines on. All the leaders on slicks and here comes the rain! Looked at my dad and said well we won this race. But unfortunately CKNA officials decided not to start this race when it was declared driver option before and up to the start time of this final. Welp I guess you never beat the house :rofl: Leave the pits 14th, and 60ft out of pit I look back and the air filter had fallen off…. Normally I would of pulled in but something just killed me to think about pulling in for that final. I put everything into this weekend. So what did I do? I decided to cover the carb with my hand the entire race and drive one handed! Never had imagined I’d be doing that so inadvertently killed the motor before the start and had to start from last… WE CAME ALL THE WAY BACK TO 13TH WITH ONE HAND.

It was a drive I’ll never forget in my life :joy:

Pictures of the weekend


Ha, that’s awesome! I had a similar experience realizing I had no gas tank cap and had to drive right hand only. I did well, like you. Were you surprised or had you practiced one handed before?

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Never drove one handed before! Was very surprised how much control I had still!

Try in sim, sometime. It’s really interesting driving in that the geometry of the kart allows you to use very little muscle power, relying on the natural centering of the wheel to do the hard work. I sometimes go one handed to calm down the driving line flourishes.

What’s funny is that right before I had to race irl one-handed, I coincidentally had been practicing one handed in sim that week. Sure came in handy (a pun!).

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Awesome story, wish I could’ve made it out for Pittsburgh, looked like a fun weekend. CKNA puts on a great event in my opinion. Tough but fun.

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These are so great you are awesome!!

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Anytime. Fun to make.

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Just noticed you, backwards…

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Finally had the set up down for the main that day…
Ended in the 5th turn lap one :man_shrugging:

Redemption next year!

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Planning on making it out to Pitt for the race next year. Can’t wait

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