First timer at CKNA

First time at CKNA things to know?

Looking to run my first CKNA event when it comes to Pitt Race July 28th-30th. I’ve done one Stars Race(KA100), and a few of the Buckeye Karting Challenge races. But mainly just a bunch of club racing at Pitt.

So basically I’m just looking for some tips and advice from you guys out there that have participated there.

  1. Never been on the Vega tire they run. How is the wear on the weekend? Can you use one set for two classes? Or what seems to be the general consensus on how many sets you need.

  2. General race format etc.

  3. Any advice you wish you knew your first CKNA would by greatly appreciated!

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Is CKNA sorta the equivalent of national competition for lo?

That’s what I’m led to believe. At least as a spectator seems like that’s where the fastest 206 guys go

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It’s the best 206 fields, but on a competition level it’s more akin to a regional-level race. Which is fair and what it should be, that’s what 206 is for. Except for the Grands which is a legitimately very strong event.

CKNA shouldn’t be much of a change compared to Stars. I don’t know the Vega tire well, but the event is run similarly to any other.

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If you are running 2 classes I would plan on 2 sets minimum. The draw back is, CKNA allows new tires each day since it is two events.

There are going to be guys that sticker up each day and qualifying can cost you a few tenths against the stickers. What we’ve done in the past when doing 2 classes and not wanting to buy 4 sets is do one set each day for both with success.

You will run less PSI than the MG Reds. Vega sidewall is much softer. Typically we ran a pretty similar set up between the two.

Format is warm up, quali, 2 heats and final each day. Heat 1 sets heat 2. Heat 2 sets final. 5 practice sessions on Friday

Assuming you’re in the OTK based on the profile. A standard neutral set up and going up to H, HD or HH as grip increases. We would start with the H and forget about the N unless it was cold.


I take that back. This year went to 1 heat and final on Sunday with longer laps.

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Awesome stuff this helps a bunch thank you!

I have the most experience with Mojo D2s and I think the lowest I’ve ran is 10psi in the front

Sticker up = fresh tires?



sticker up = new tires

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Don’t go out of the tram lines.


Gah. Nick picked up a 5s for that once, too.

If I was going, I would probably pactice on new tires, put new tires on for qualifying in each class each day. There are tracks where the Vega Reds lose .1-.2 each heat cycle. I don’t know if Pitt is one of those tracks, tho.


Burpo is right. If you’re trying to win, Take enough tires with you. Some tracks are very temperamental to the Vegas and some are not. Pay attention on Friday and Saturday to what the fast guys are on and what direction they go.


On the subject of tires. Do you have to buy them when you register? Or can I start preparing by buying new sets from other places

I believe the only time you have to buy through registration is for the national caliber events they run. Divisionals you can bring your own. Double check that though with the supplemental rules.

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This is correct. You can also buy a new set when you register online to have it ready when you get there or just buy a set when you get your wristbands.

CKNA runs a solid event, but there were several things I learned very quickly:

  1. They run a very tight schedule, if you 1 minute late to the grid, the race has already started. So if your running more than one class, keep the schedule in mind.

  2. They recently updated their rulebook in favor of sponsored teams, allowing more than one tire set during that weekend. Which is unfortunate and favors the sponsored teams ALOT. (Unless you have deeper pockets and buying addition tires doesn’t effect your bottom line)

  3. Great atmosphere, great event overall.

  4. Competion is off the charts. So expect to get absolutely spanked but also learn alot in the process. (Not a bad thing) Your IQ will raise alot during a CKNA event.

  5. Depending where you race its not your typical cheap Lo206 racing, plan of $500 plus to attend one of these events.

  6. They are now 2.5 day events. I personally don’t like that format cause if your traveling and hoteling, its an added expense that historically didn’t used to happen.

I really enjoy CKNA, but two years ago it was lot more budget friendly- like what Lo206 is suppose to be. But its still a great event if you can swing it.

I will add that what CNKA has done pushed me toward moving out of Lo206 into 2-stroke. As I can now run a 2-stroke and the costs are about the same as running a CKNA event (I don’t need to travel as much)


Appreciate your thoughts, Pitt is my home track so I’m hoping to put up a fight! My budget is definitely on the lower side so i might just run one medium only

Hoping to grab two new sets for medium and give it my best shot


Oh man, I had the same thoughts running a CKNA event at my home track. But I quickly realized that home track advantage doesn’t mean as much as you think when your around that level of competition.

At locals I’d potium.
At CKNA, I was in the rear pack.

But again, you learn more at one of these events than you would all year running locals.

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I’m excited for that! Heard it’s intense!