First win for an American chassis in SKUSA Pro Shifter in almost a decade

Cali is a hotbed for karting in many ways, which makes sense given it’s origins.

I think the biggest asset and challenge for factory karts is Billy. He could probably drive a barn door to a podium. Interesting that it was on a 175 too.

With some time off between contracts at work I should probably put together a media/pricing kit for KP.

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Is it really that interesting? That track looks like it makes the torque of the 175 shine.

Lots of stop and go, 175 was pulling stumps.

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Not to mention as I understand it the rules for the 175 have been opened up so it’s now like a KZ1 with extra 50cc.

I can’t find these new rules. The last updates I can find to the 175 rules is the removal of the exhaust spacer and the slide carb.

Billy was using the Tillotson 34mm pumper carburetor.

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Regardless of what carb he ran, those two changes are the ONLY ones I can find regarding the 175 rules with SKUSA, but people are talking about the 175 now being “open”…

I’m not super versed on the comings and goings of sse rules, but from what I gathered the lack of squish and ignition timing rules were definitely brought up. Can’t find them in the rules either. No idea when that was changed.

Ignition timing and squish is open in the main SKUSA rulebook, but that’s really it. There’s only so far you can go before it doesn’t help. Acting like it’s a totally open engine package is a stretch. You still can’t port, etc., and everything has to match the “fiche” that SKUSA has published.

yep Good Driver Curse. It’s almost a disadvantage to have a good driver on your chassis in karting, especially if numbers of said chassis are relatively low.

We’re looking for another fast driver or two and a very large number of ordinary ones to demonstrate how good our chassis is for everyone else - including me.

None of the changes allowed in the rulebook get us away from the limitation on the SSE: it’s a large-displacement, slow-turning, high-compression engine forced to run on a fuel that’s at least 2 RON short of Eastern premium e15 pump gas.

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I’d love to know what solves the puzzle. I remember how well Keirle with Jade used to do on Gold karts and their own built chassis, yet they now run Birels and only build their Div 1 kart. You really can have a driver that’s too good for the brand. Win on Sunday, people say that driver can win on a shed on Monday. Racing psychology is an odd thing.

Can send me a chassis in EU please ? :grin:

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I can PM my address. Lets get that Factory Kart out in the wild at Homestead. Wink Wink…PMs are OPEN!

The solution is to sell enough of them to drivers and teams good enough that they put them up front too. We’ve got Truly Adams in Junior and Jaxon Porter in Cadet, and it’s working so far in SoCal and Indiana.


I won the season opener of the Northeast Kart Challenge in KA with quite some margin. I’d say it works :slight_smile:

How was turnout in general? I would imagine pretty good?

Replied in the developments in NJ thread :+1:

Great turnout.