Fitting a wide seat in a narrow chassis opening

I have a situation where the factory frame mounted seat struts are too narrow for me trying to fit a seat. I have seen the following options:

Cut one side and instal a frame clamp/strut on the frame bar behind the seat
Heat and bend one or both seat struts
Cut and relocate (weld) the seat struts

Each seem to have some negative consequence.

Are there other options or ideas?

Thoughts or suggestions?

Can you send a piccy?

Most (not all) karts can accomodate a larger seat by bending the left side seat strut. Do not use heat. You’ll be surprised how much it can be moved.

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That’s why I wanted a piccy. Greg is correct, just need a long pole between the v and frame rail, it’ll spread out easily. Just adjust the tab so it’s flat against the seat once it’s done.

Use a scissor A frame car jack and place between the struts. You can use wood to fill the gap if needed. You can Also use heat if needed but I didn’t need that when I expanded my seat struts to fit my seat. You’d be surprised how much force you can apply to that pupp! Works like a charm!

BY piccy I assume you a picture? I have a RY30 Birel Chassis that I haven’t even tried to fit a seat too, but I know it will be too narrow. So I don’t have a picture yet.

Using a jack is an idea, but I really want to move the left side more than the right. Do I need to be concerned especially with a jack that this force could be transmitted to the base frame as well?

In nearly every case you should move the left strut only. Anything more than a smidge on the right will result in engine clearance issues in a hurry. I do not recommend using a jack, I use an old axle to bend the left strut. It doesn’t take all that much to move it.

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Go little by little. There is no need to go Hulk Hogan. Even if it takes 5-6 times to achieve the proper width so be it. There is quite a bit of springiness to the seat stays.

Don’t forget to put a rag between the frame and whatever you are prying with to avoid scratching up powder coating.

Use just a rubber mallet,adjust only the left one before hitting the support measure
first ,take measurements of the seat,the inside of the seat at the same spot of the seat supports and go from there,no big deal.Make sure that the flat support strips
line up exactly with the side of the seat,use 40X2 mm washers.