Flandria Karts

Im looking at picking up a new Flandria Kart. Its a german made kart. From what I’ve found, its popular and has one some big races over in Europe. Has anybody on here heard of them or seen them run in the states? If so, whats your opinions on them?


They’ve won a few European Rotax events and seem to be a fairly good piece, but I would probably stick to something you’re going to be able to get support and parts for at your local track rather than an unusual offshoot brand that almost no one in the States is running.

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The reason I ask is because the guy Im talking to is getting setup to be the first US dealer. I havent made a decision yet. Just seeing if I can get some info so I can make an informed decision.

Does it feature a completely bespoke design and components or is a larger group (Tinnini, OTK, IPK etc) behind it?

If it’s the latter I’d be more inclined to give it a go, but I’d say take time to consider how (if) it might benefit you over already supported brands at the races you attend. Winning races isn’t a great differentiator because so many chassis have won races.

“Ask not what a chassis brand has done for others at races you don’t run, but ask what it can do for YOU”

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Very good advice. From what I can gather, it used to be made by Birel, but is now being manufared directly. This is a direct quote from an article written by Kart Sport News last year. Im still green and not as familiar with the lingo as you might be.

"While the chassis are no longer made by Birel-ART, the Flandria brand will continue, but now run, developed and managed by Veloce Motorsport Management, which consists CEO Kristof Dehert and VMM’s CFO Gert-Jan Arijs.

The Belgian brand says it is on the path for 2020 CIK-FIA homologation for its GEN4 chassis ( above , for OK/OKJ) and a brand new shifter kart (for KZ, S1 etc).

2019 Chassis:

  • GEN4 – the successor of the GEN2 which brought home victories around the world, such as the German Rotax Championship
  • Smiley5 – a Parolin-based chassis that takes over from Smiley3 (Dutch, South African, Belgian Champions… from Honda Cadet to Micro Max to 60cc) but with Kristof Dehert’s ideas for improvement"

I was going to say I thought they were Belgian and re-branded BirelARTs. The picture you attached looks like its a Parolin. There’s lots of brands in the US that are made by Parolin but strangely no major Parolin dealer for any significant length of time.