Flat dirt road course set up question

Got an older margay chassis… front camber/caster is not adjustable…. A few buddies are going to make a dirt road course track in my pasture….all flat turns… new to carts & need advice on setting up the front camber and caster!!! I’m a metal worker so cutting the C’s and moving them isn’t a problem…and I have mechanical knowledge . I just don’t know where to start … I can already tell that the caster and camber is different on both sides…figure that’s due to left turn set up….I know every cart is different but I’d really like to be somewhere close once we get our track done in the spring

I can’t help but am interested to hear what folks say.

Theres some sprint dirt karting in NZ, in case you hadn’t seen it.

I don’t see anything particularily extreme about the front end on these karts.

Dirt is grippier than you might expect. Do you have an LTO chassis though?

If not I’d say run a near square setup and tune from there.

If you’re a skilled metal worker and welder check out phantom chassis. Some of their tech might be adaptable to your chassis on dirt. I think they make adjustable caster / camber spindle yolk setups.

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