Flooded Lepard TAG engine

Hey all, Just picked up my kart last week. I got it to fire once…and now I am having issues. I have flooded the engine I think pretty bad IF I am finding fuel in the air box. I need some tips on getting this thing fired up. Looking to get a good practice day in on saturday…then race sunday,.

Oh also one more issue popped up. When I went to pull the spark plug…i pulled the boot off the of the spark wire. I have a feeling that could be an issue but not quite sure. I have tested the plug itself when I put hte boot back on and the plug…I do see spark—anything else I should test to see if enough spark?

So right now I have the air box off, and the spark plug pulled to try to dry it out…any other tips??

I need some help please

What are your carb settings, has the carb been rebuilt and the pop off checked. Is the inlet needle leaking, are the reeds chipped or broken???


I haven’t dug that far. I do know I have the low set at a full turn plus a 1/4, the high i one full turn. Just getting back into kart racing again. My pops always did the carb work when I used to race. I will have to look tonight when i get home from work.
Thanks for the good questions for me to ask my engine guy too

In most cases your low setting is on the lean side but that wouldn’t explain all the fuel in the engine. The culprit is likely the carb or the reeds.

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Listen to Greg and charge your starter battery.

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To tack onto this, sometimes if the engine doesn’t want to start up right away, using an external starter will give it enough oomph to fire right up.


Thanks guys… I have to get an external starter. It didn;t come with one. But I do think that extra would help. I am going to dive in tonight to check the carb and setting to see if I can find something out.

I have some extra time since my local track has the Route 66 series running this weekend. So I won’t get my first laps in for a couple weeks…Damn that makes me sad!! Thanks again guys!

Justin, come any to the track this weekend. There will be plenty of racers there and a few kart shops. Could be a good resource for your Leopard questions.


Thanks for the tips everyone…it is new to me and I was being a pus lol I did flood the engine so that was an issue…after it dried out and let sit for a couple days, I got a chance to get out in the garage and fired right up. Feeling a bit foolish thinking it was something more.

Thanks again—I am sure I will more questions as this coming weekend will be my first on track

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Last Tuesday I was drive 120 km road to help a friend because his engine was running super rich and didn’t work well after idle revs…
I went the distance just to find that he make all that testing with the air choke on!

So no worries.

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What is this choke that you speak of?

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He’s in Greece so probably talking about a different engine for his friend. Rotax perhaps.

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My friend got the vortex rok engine. on his Tony kart. This is the choke on the carb.
I just wrote that to tell, no worries . False alarms happens many times in Karting life.
Have a good day.

Your local track is Badger? Usually if you go on Saturdays there will be plenty of people there and although TaG is a dead class here some teams do have experience with the Leopard engines, namely Franklin Motorsport and Innovative Performance being the first two I can think of and recommend.

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Aaron…yeah my local track is Dousman. Might not be since there are hardly any tag drivers out there. Felt good to finally hit the track though on Saturday. Fired right up!!

I have been working with Scott at TCT to figure out my new issue…ignition switch issues.

Thanks Aaron