For Sale - 2023 OTK Exprit Noesis Roller

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Price: $3000

Details: 2023 Exprit Noesis RR

Back up for sale, knocked it down from $3800 to $3000. It’s gotta go! Selling as a roller no engine. Only has Supernats and Rotax West races on it. Just stripped it down to the frame, installed all new bearings and misc hardware, had it checked on the frame table, and back together for a single practice session. Just has normal wear, rock chips, and scrapes on it. Nothing more than just thru the powder coat, no big flat spot on the tubes. Comes with a brand new set of MXJs and OTK size 3 seat I ran for one practice day. Might be changing brands and have a full spare set of bodywork and Q, A, & H that I’d be willing to let go for a bit extra.


Screaming deal territory!


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Badass looking kart! Sweet deal

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How can this not be sold already? It’s too pretty to be alone.

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Still for sale. Still fast. Make me an offer, this one has to go before I can pull the trigger on a new chassis.

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Hmmmmm What are you switching to?

Sale pending….

And I probably won’t since I’m so heavily invested in OTK and have so many spare parts stock piled. It’s like buy a power tool brand and being locked into a certain battery :joy: