For Sale: AK USA Chassis with LO206 Engine - Michigan

Location: SE Michigan
Price: $5500

Details: I am selling my used AK USA KA-LO-01 chassis with Briggs LO206 engine. Both were purchased brand new this spring and have about 9-10 days on them (racing and practice combined). Engine was purchased from Jim Perry at CKT and I had him break the engine in before sending to me. Chassis has usual wear and tear on the underside but overall is in very good shape as is the engine. This particular chassis is designed to take both LO206 and KA100 motors. Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

NOTE: The Mychron unit in the pictures is not included with the kart and will be sold separately

How much for the Mychron?

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