For the "clone" (Predator 212) motors, is the factory carb sufficient for hitting those 7000 RPM ranges?

Title says it all. I’m doing a kind of fun-toy thing where I’m anticipating hitting ~7krpm on the motor (did the flywheel, timing key, etc). I’m just wondering how good the factory carb is at fuelling the thing if I’m running that high. If the factory carb isn’t enough, does anyone have recommendations for an appropriate replacement?


Getting it to pull high RPM is more to do with your build and cam, as well as your gearing of course.

That said, the stock jet is going to be super lean. The carb size/Venturi is OK, but If you’re not already on larger main, you can start around 0.036” (Honda/Keihin #91) with pilot at 0.020”

All of this is assuming you’re running an aftermarket filter having trashed the stock air intake and exhaust.

I’d avoid chasing RPM for the sake of it though.

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That tells me pretty much what I need to know. Gearing is going to be wonky at about 2:1, but this isn’t for propulsion. Acceleration can even be crazy slow.

I haven’t actually done any carb adjustments yet as I wanted to see if the factory carb is worth it or if I shouldn’t just swap it out. I did get the spring upgrades in addition to the flywheel. CAM is factory though…