Forbidden Fruit (Chassis)

Not saying you’d want to, but hypothetically, if you were to switch chassis’ today what chassis would you switch too?

I have the discussion with another person today, and we both agreed we’ve had our eye out for MGM Espionage. Owners seem happy, track support is supposed to be dream.

I was curious what other people here have their eye on in various parts of the world . . .

One thing I admire about them, is they have a schedule posted on their website of every race they plan of being at. Never seen that with another other chassic manufacturer.

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I like the MGM too. Otherwise a compkart would be cool. Literally because I love the color.


Prolly a FAKart (KR), CRG or OTK

Depends on what support is available and how knowledgeable the importer is on their product.

Running KZ i’d love to try a birel as they really are dominating the category at the moment. However the importer of birel is primarily focused on parolin and has barely run birel.

However the mulitple national champion of the class has been running Sodi for years so i’d rather use a sodi as my next chassis.

I see way too much of this color at our local track, and what they call themselves.

At the moment, I don’t think we’d switch chassis. We’re on a BirelART (have a 2018 and 2021). We have excellent track support with it. We bought our latest from Full Gas Motorsports, and they provide free support at the regional races for us. In fact, at the last race we were supplied some data from their PSL sponsored driver that we were able to use for coaching.


Honestly I think I’d plump for a 2021 CRG.


We started making the switch last year from Gold kart, to Race Factory. Various reasons, but one of which we needed a better 206 chassis. So far we’ve been very happy with the performance in 206 and have a good amount of interest locally. I picked up a KZ frame to swap out my personal kart this year, but unfortunately due to work I haven’t been able to get it assembled with my Rok Shifter. Soon though…

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CROC Promotion - got 4 on the way

Still have Eagles as my go to always fast chassis.

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OTK (Kosmic) or Top Kart

Comp Kart’s colors are pretty dope though.

I’d like to get back into the ART GP I ran in 2014, if they still made them. Loved that kart.

One of dese pleez:

This livery, not the 2021

MGM is definitely one of the faster chassis right now. They seem to work good on almost every track. That being said, I think pretty much any chassis can be fast in the right hands with the right setup as long as it’s a decent fit for what your trying to accomplish.

Locally, the track is doninated by a Margay Brava 206… That being said the guy driving it has a great handle on the chassis and can drive. I have seen MGM be fast as well and I have seen them struggle. Personally, locally I don’t think it makes much difference but at larger track team drafting becomes increasingly important.

I’ve really wanted to try the DR 30/32 M99 chassis. I ran the all 30mm S97 frame when I ran for DR Midwest a few years ago, but I think the M99 would be a better fit for the KA100 engines, with enough time to really figure those chassis out better. Outside of that, I’ve driven pretty much everything I’ve wanted to drive: Merlin (Parolin), WPK (KR), DR (CRG). I’d give the Race Factory karts a shot if I had an opportunity.

If you had asked this question 6 months ago, I would’ve said Will Power Kart/Kart Republic, but I’ve got one now and it’s been really solid.

i would love a CRG, i own a 2008 Maranello chassis and still pretty happy with it still winning races but i do thing i need to upgrade sooner than later but i will target a CRG chassis

btw i never heard of MGM chassis here in central america and im 100% i havent seen one here at the track

Those magnetic frames, good times

One thing I’ve always really thought would be cool would be to go back and drive some of the karts I raced when I was young and see how they handled and if I could make them fast now that I’ve got knowledge and experience. I struggled for several years on Haase and Corsa karts, but I had no idea what I was doing in terms of driving or chassis tuning. I would love to get back into a 2004-2006 spec Haase Monte Carlo or Mizar and see if I could make it work the way it was supposed to.

American market chassis, almost exclusively seen in Briggs 206 racing.

I’d really love to try the Kart Republic, love the look and they are having some huge success lately. I’d also love to try the KR3 frame as it is such a neat departure from the current thinking on the frames from Birel, OTK and even the main KR chassis.

I’m with Tim, I’m pretty comfortable on the OTK stuff at this point and I think the only other thing I’d like to give a try it would be a Kart Republic.

I’ve got a Monte Carlo that was my first kart sitting in my parents garage, I’ve wanted to get on track with it just like you said, to see how things changed now versus when I was brand new to racing.

I couldn’t resist & had to bite:

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