Formula Mazda Forza 6 League (Off-Topic)

@Connor_Wagner @Dylan_North - Just an FYI, as we’re likely going to be getting together tonight for some practice. If I see you online, I’ll invite you to the chat. We’re doing Formula Mazda practice, so get a car ready if you want to join in!

I’ll join in GT: MikeFalls21


I am hoping to get an “official” practice session up sometime soon. I’d like to see when works for everyone, though, so mark down any days that’ll work for you.

  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays

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Sounds great! I’ll be on around 8:30 cst.

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@Connor_Wagner and @Dylan_North - I wasn’t able to find your GamerTags on Live
I was able to find @Fallzey21 though.

We’re about to get on in a little bit, so if you want to add me as DarkMagicGundam, we’ll try and get it all figured out.

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I would love to join your league please :blush:

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Welcome @Racermatic24, what’s your Xbox GamerTag?

Sorry for the late reply, my gamer tag is Jeff Gordon 1

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Fun times tonight with the KP League running around a few different tracks. Nice to meet Connor and have some chatting about karts. I’ll add the new people who updated gamertags and update the main thread with their GTs as well.

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since my kart is designed kinda like this, i decided to do the same for this car :wink:

Nice @Racermatic24

BTW, I’ll take some time in the next few days and put up some of the fast times for the league members on different tracks, so people can see where the pace is.

A few of us getting together on a run through the Alps Club Track.