Formula Mazda Forza 6 League (Off-Topic)

So, I know it’s not karting, but I have a KP themed car, so :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I decided to put together a casual online racing league on Forza 6 for people who just want to get together and have some fun racing during the week. So I figured that I would open the offer on the Kartpulse forums for those who might be interested in getting together with the community. It’s a spec series that is open invite to everyone.

Right now, we have at least seven drivers who are interested, and we have been doing time attacks during the week, so that people get used to the car and we can iron out some of the rules before we start racing.

My GT is DarkMagicGundam, so if anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave your thoughts on the thread, or message me. If people are so inclined to join, we can post some photos and laptimes on this thread, just for the chatting.

Rules - Formula Forza Mazda Spec Series

The Car

We will be using a Formula Mazda spec racecar (It is a downloadable DLC, but it’s like $3)

  • Stock S714 level only.
  • Custom Setups are allowed
  • Custom liveries are allowed.

Tracks (Calendar Dates TBD)

  • (Brands Hatch) Practice Day Only)
  • Lime Rock (Full Course)
  • Watkins Glen
  • Silverstone National (Wet)
  • COTA West
  • Laguna Seca

General Info

  • -Every other week on Tuesdays at 7PM PST/9PM CST (Day of the week is TBD)

  • -Drop 1 race

  • -Any issues can be reviewed under video post race penalty ranging from time addition to position. I can expand if needed on what is acceptable.

  • -Local yellows will be utilized when possible. Cars with 100% engine damage will call a full course yellow.

  • –Procedure: race positions are frozen at the call of yellow, cars proceed at 60 MPH until stricken car is in the pits, or close enough to to reach by the next lap. Race will resume once the group reaches the front straight. Laps will not be given to damaged drivers, or competitors down on laps. Pits are always open.

  • –Once a driver has control of the car, is up to caution speed, and has merged with the rest of the group, that is their place in the group under a caution. Any disputes go to the driver already in the line.

Race Procedures

Race Format

  • One 6 lap qualifying race (to set the grid for Heat 1)

  • One 8 lap non-points heat race (to set the grid for race 2) -Standing Start

  • One 12 lap final race for points. (Points are only awarded for Heat 2) -Rolling Start

  • There will be no organized practice sessions. (But we are doing some Time Attacks and things as we get the season started)

  • Heat 1 will have one pace lap followed by an 8 lap sprint to determine grid position for the second heat of 12 laps. Race duration will be set to 1 lap over the lap count.

  • On starts and restarts, the leader cannot go until a designated restart zone, at which point the leader may accelerate at any time between there and the start/finish line

Points will be awarded by the number of cars beaten in each race


  1. 25 pts.
  2. 18 pts.
  3. 15 pts.
  4. 12 pts.
  5. 10 pts.
  6. 8 pts.
  7. 6 pts.
  8. 4 pts.
  9. 3 pts.
  10. 2 pts.
    11 and below. 1 pt.


  • No ABS
  • No traction control
  • No stability control
  • All transmission modes allowed
  • No forced camera views

Optional Modifications.

  • Race Diff (Keeps the car in S714, and allows you to tune the diff.)
  • Sport Driveline (Keeps the car in S714)

Forum Members Joined

  • Davin - DarkMagicGundam
  • Nik - NikG25
  • Aaron - ZeMuttRacer
  • Connor - Koma Wagz
  • James - redpand96
  • TJ - Visualistics
  • Dylan - RapsyGoldfishy
    *Mike - MikeFalls21

So, below are some reference laptimes on some of the tracks that we’ve run. (Otherwise, just add our GT and find us on the Rivals boards)

Top Laptimes on Time Attack Tracks

Brands Hatch GP (Dry)

  • KOMA Wagz - 1:31.683

  • ZeMuttRacer - 1:31.917

Sonoma Short

  • ZeMuttRacer - 1:17.987
  • DarkMagicGundam - 1:18:418
  • NikG25 - 1:18.949

Lime Rock Full (This has been one of our most common time attack tracks)

  • ZeMuttRacer - 51.078
  • Koma WAGZ - 51.644
  • DarkMagicGundam - 51.783

I haven’t played Forza in a while and don’t always have a lot of time to get on Xbox, but my GT is Visualistics if you feel inclined to add me!


I’ll do it when I get home. :slight_smile:

It’s a great fun car and a few KP members are in the league. It’s a pretty quick group of guys too!

I suck but will give it a go. :brap:

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Sidenote. If you’re interested in the league, and need a practice partner, leave your Gamertag in a post, I’ll update the main post with a list of drivers. Makes it easy to find people interested.

I can update the diff, so many opportunities!

I’m redpand96
Well I am since my daughter changed it to that :smile:

Updated the above thread with some recordings from this weekends practices. @NikG and @Aaron_Hachmeister_13 have been putting in some practice time.

Now we know that Aaron is the setup guru of the group. :wink: We’re getting a good number of people together for practices, so we can learn about the car, tracks and how to setup it up.

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I love seeing Nik in the background of that picture with you and Kevin at COTA :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I’m honored you see me as the setup guru here, but the tune is actually just pretty close to stock. I don’t think I’ve actually touched anything in the suspension setup, just the pressures, gearing, alignment, aero and diff. So many people will try to tune early, which just puts them further off pace from the standard setup. Or they’ll go into it after the first turn on cold tires and think “This car has no grip whatsoever” and proceed to screw it up one turn later than the ones mentioned before.

Tuning should go just like a regular kart session would go. You don’t just take a new kart and say “Oh that track width is too wide, the alignment’s got too much camber, and the ride height needs to drop,” before you even get in the kart. Take the vehicle out for a good 6/8/10/12/200 lap session and look at how it works over a period of time.

If anybody needs a base tune, I have setups shared on Forza with low, high, and medium high downforce setups named by the track I tuned on. In the order I mentioned, it should be Road America West, Brands Hatch Grand Prix, and Lime Rock Park as the names. I have to remember to get the numbers for whoever needs them, too.


Because I’m a nice guy.

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We might have to have some setup swap days, when we practice running on each others’ setup. I actually found myself really liking Aaron’s Lime Rock tune after the tires came in. I think I have the tire pressures set to high on mine, so that they come in faster.

I plan on trying lower tire pressures.

Sounds like fun! I added you on Xbox Live. If anyone wants to add me its TheConnorWagner. Real original I know, but I lost my original account that was just my name!

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Cool! I added you, and I also added you to the Xbox club that we put together. Feel free to message me whenever, and when @Aaron_Hachmeister_13 @NikG or I get on to run a practice session, I’ll make sure to drop you an invite!


Welcome @Connor_Wagner

I’ll join in add me RapsyGoldfishy

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Welcome! I’ll make sure to add you when I get online later today :slight_smile:

So up to this point, we’ve been having some impromptu practice sessions with the racers who follow each other on Facebook. To make sure that we include everyone, @Aaron_Hachmeister_13 and I have been talking about setting up some ‘official practice days’, so that people know to hop on and come hang out with us. :wink:

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime, if you see us playing Forza, we’ll pull you in!