Simracing Thread - 2020 Stay-at-Home Edition

Steam sale, coincidentally. I get to be the grumpy Spaniard, if he is still racing.

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Gamer Tag: dedoman67
Platform: Xbox one
Games of choice in order
Dirt Rally 2.0
Assetto Corsa
F1 2017
Project Cars 2


Gamer tag: thatsPOYFECT
Xbox one
Games: forza m 6, forza h3, forza h4, project cars, dirt rally, dirt 4, wreckfest, f1 2018
If anybody has those games, let me know!
FYI, my mic is broken so I’m using an earbud mic rn

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What we could do is create an unofficial F1 2019 (or whatever game we pick) time attack challenges?
Would anyone be interested? We could take screenshots and etc.

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I have done stuff like this with forza. Someone picks a track, car, makes a tuning package that everyone must use and you see who goes fastest. Winner picks next track, car etc

Edit. I might actually turn my xbox on for this. Haha

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Davin setup a KP forza league for Formula Mazda some time ago… maybe that’s worth it bringing it back??

I think I have forza 7 so I would join in. The load times put me off playing these, but if there’s some KP people on there I’d join in for some sends.

Who’s willing to set it up?

Tell you what, I’ll throw $250 in for prize money for fun. Someone else will have to figure out how that gets broken up though.

I can join! If I don’t have game I can buy it.

I’ll take someone on in beat saber too! It’s turning into my focus + reflex training.

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Im gonna live stream my laps on kartpulse on youtube


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I’ll watch some laps tonight.

It seems that you are lagging. What spec is your PC? Try running it on the lowest settings and see if it helps. It might be that the recording software is asking too much of the powah.

KartKraft Throwdown Thread

Looks like Alpha live and KartSim have something simmish in the works::

Here at Alpha Live we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you an exciting new Karting Esports Series to fill the void that we have been left with.

We’re please to announce we have secured the backing of Motorsport UK, KartSim Ltd and Motorsport Games.

Details are currently very limited, but we are aiming to have the 1st Round happen very soon so get practicing.

What we do know;
• Free entry
• Week-night races
• Open Qualifiers
• Alpha Live Broadcast
• Racing from home
• Kart Sim’s X30 Kart at PFI, GYG and Buckmore Park
• Series for MSUK License holders plus a fully open series
• Ages 12+
• Prizes TBC

You can download the relevant Kart Sim Pack for rFactor 2 here -

Please note you will also need to purchase rFactor 2 if you don’t already own it.

More details coming soon…

PFI Karting // GYG Karting // Buckmore Park Kart Circuit // British Kart Championships // RFactor2 // Steam

I wish kartkraft was on it

Interesting. Now would be a great time for a steam sale!

Would this be on 6 or 7? I have 6. I also have horizon 3 and 4. Also, could you let me know if a league or time attack or whatever happens? I’m desperate for some racing

The lag your seeing is probably just the stream , happens a lot when the computer struggles to run the game and OBS or whichever streaming service your using

Interesting article about building a rig from a racer… sorta a buyers guide. Not the final word, just potentially interesting.

Also here is a sim wheel buyer’s guide video that is pretty comprehensive for beginners looking to get started.


There are some good comments from regular sim racers below the article too.

I reckon I can get started with a decent wheel and stand for less then 500 Canadian (I already have an xbox and a good laptop).

It was pretty awesome wholesome racing fun when we did it, the mazda is a fun little car and there was definitely some full sends going on.

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Yeppers. Wheel + wheelstand