Found a kart to maybe buy (Laydown)

I have asked a few questions previously already in this forum topic. Thanks for the help.

I found a kart that I am interested in and is only about 200 miles from me.

I have said this before but years ago I raced dirt oval karts and now am road raceing motorcycles. One of my current bikes is a TZ250. I do all my own work including engine rebuilds and fabrication. I am only interested in enduro or lay down karts.

The kart I ran across is a lay down with a Coyote frame. It has four wheel brakes, is KT100 powered, has an axle clutch and is claimed to have won a lot up till when it was parked about six years ago. The pictures look ok as does the bodywork. I consider it a candidate for a complete disassembly and straighten/rebuild as needed. Price is 2000 ish. I have not seen it yet but at only 200 miles away it’s easy to check out.

Should I go look at it? Are there other similar laydowns available. I’m in Ohio.

I erased my duplicate post.

Laydown are very cool karts. There was a race this year at Mid Ohio. Big one coming up in December at Daytona too.

The only downside with laydowns is that you can only race them on road courses.

$2000 could be a bit high unless the kart is close to immaculate with a freshly rebuilt motor.

Do you know if it’s a “pipe” KT 100 or Can? If it’s a pipe there’s a grid of 50 expected at Daytona this year in December.

Thanks James. It has a can and is not immaculate.

I may wait for the price to go down.

Does anyone have a line on an enduro for sale?

The main place to find laydowns right now is the Enduro GoKart Racing Facebook Group. I try to refer to this kind of kart as laydown or luge to avoid confusion with endurance karting (4hr, 8hr 24hr, etc). But the old guard persists with calling it Enduro…

If you’re not on Facebook, you could try exploring the eKartingnews Classifieds:

Looking at that Facebook group could almost make me get a Facebook account.

Thanks for the info!

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James, you are leaving out races at Pitt Race, Charlotte motor Speedway, Gateway, Blackhawk, Grattan, Gingerman, Nelson Ledges, Hallett, Lake Afton, Lake Garnett amongst others.

It was a semi-purposeful omission. Some those races are done and he lives by mid Ohio.

Daytona is a destination event and some time away to work on the kart and get familiar with it.

I doubt if I run a kart this year but I will look at schedules so I go just get more familiar with karts.

Nelson Ledges is one of my favorite tracks for motorcycles. The facilities aren’t the best but the track is smooth and has consistent grip. I would love to go see karts there or wherever.

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I just picked up a used laydown kart. It is a Komanshee frame with a Yamaha pipe motor. Things need freshened up. I will be racing it (and my motorcycles still) next year.

Thanks for the help so far!!

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Love it. Keep us posted on the build process with pics and updates.

I took the little yamaha engine apart. The piston had deposited aluminum on the cylinder and I took it off with muriatic. The cylinder looks better than I expected. I’ll hone it and measure it. Should I stick with a Yamaha piston or is there an aftermarket that is better?

OEM piston is the way to go.

I thought I may give an update. Yes, I bought a laydown but have not put it on the track yet. 2021 motorcycle road racing went very well for me so I concentrated on it alone for now.

In addition to the Yamaha motor I also bought a HPV motor. This is to go along with the laydown chassis. I will be putting a laydown together when I take time from my bikes and choose a kart class.