Fractured another rib

Judging but he CT scan result, the fracture seems to align with the seat washer in that particular area.

Does anyone know what the flattest ones known to man are?

I did 4 ribs this time last year, but that was due to a seat being too large and ended up being thrown around violently.

As far as rib protectors go, tried the lot. Didn’t like the Bengio as padding was a little too thick and felt every vibration transmitted. Right now I’m using the GreyHound which has been a life changer. Literally can’t feel anything although the build quality is a little off.

tillett p1 is also nice but ive heard good thigns about the grey hound. have you tried cutting a hole in a piece of foam tape thats as thick as the end of the bolt? than you surround all the exposed bolt ends with that and they no longer stick out. I did this and it worked very well.

If all else fails you could also custom machine one or get someone to custom machine one
Best of luck with your injury

Sorry to hear mate. It sucks I just had similar problem. I had to be off karting for 3 weeks. Didn’t do an x-ray or CT but pretty sure injured the rib. I was using a carbon fibre rib protector but my seat may be a bit on the loose side.

I just bought a Nike shirt (out of ebay since it has been discontinued) that has some padding (I think it’s for American football). I have a kart mate that uses it underneath his rib protector and really likes it.

I will post my impressions when I have it.

I bought the Ribtect hardware. Flat.

Assuming you keep injuring this over and over… consider a deepseat or ribtect seat. Bye-bye rib problems. Different handling, they say. I personally found it to be be just fine.

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Yes I have considered those however they are not readily available in Australia, and to actually see and try one in the flesh is even rarer. You can understand I’m not about to pay $500 online for a product I’ve never tried.

I have put foam over the exposed washers but never cut a hole in the middle. Might try that as it always seemed to get torn off after a few sessions.

Mine has stayed on for 2 years and counting, and its worked well. When you have a hole to allow the bolthead to stick out it make the seat more comfortable. ideally youd want the foam to be about 1-2mm thicker than the exposed bolt, as the foam compresses.

It’s worth it with recurring rib problems. The seat is “taller” and extends above the bottom of your rib cage. The top also wraps around your upper torso, slightly.

As these aren’t retailed in shops, I got sizing from the company. I called them.

Maybe some australian seat company makes a tall seat at least? Or maybe the tillet tall?

I keep these handy:

Sticky-backed vibration absorbing foam. Like you’d put under an appliance. Very useful for making parts of kart less painful.


will try it when I can drive. cheers

Those ribtect bolts look the part as @Bimodal_Rocket Dom says, and in this thread:

or you can search out the bolts they use in the composite industry that have very wide heads like these

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I think this is the best piece of advice. Majority of the issues are related to protruding bolts.

I’m going to search for those ribtech ones.

Also the bighead screws, do you think it would be possible to bond them to the outside of the seat?

Ribtech seat mount kit ($80ish) is what I believe the best. And yup, I have vast experience with rib fractures and bruising.
Hope this helps

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I broke my ribs twice in a season 2 years ago (hopefully that never happens again) but I think the biggest contributing factor to my injuries beyond the very bumpy track was my fitness. I had kind of let myself go fitness wise and I could never keep my upper body in a proper driving position which I think contributed to additional stress on my ribs. I don’t know what your body type is or fitness level just know my own experiences and what I think contributed to my rib problems.

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yeah that’s a contributing factor. I’m a runner/cyclist so no fitness users there.

Oh yeah you’re much better than me. I’m a couch potato so that’s I just need to look into the mirror for my issues.

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I think this is a good observation. As I became more fit, my injury levels went down. Additionally, most of the health complaints I had were weight related. My knees were very bad, for example.

Karting provided the motivation to get very slim, since I was racing kids who weighed 110-140 lbs, generally. As I lost 60 lbs, all of the problems I had with my joints went away, mostly. Also, I went from feeling old to feeling very young. I can run, jump, dance, etc again. It feels great and I love being as spry (almost) as when I was a young man.

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