Frame could be bent

After an accident i had in which the other kart went over my sidepod and possibly right kingpin,its driving a bit shaky and gets wedged on parts of the pit were previously wasn’t.Could it be a bit bent?Thanks
Frame is tonykart 2009 or possibly older

It’s possible! If you’re in SoCal, come out to Factory Karts and we’ll put it on the table and measure it. Billy or Willy can usually get the frames square again.

If you’re at the track, you can usually put the low corner on a cinderblock or tree stump, have someone stand on the rear corner, and jump on the high front corner. It usually takes about a 8 inch jump for a 170 lb man to plastically deform the frame and you can either jump that high and work slowly or go a foot or so in the air and get even the worst bends out in a few leaps.

“Shaky” means a bent axle or wheel. To try and straighten the chassis would just mean you get both a bent chassis and a bent axle, so don’t jump straight to that. Find the problem first

Can a bent axle cause the frame to scrape the ground where it didn’t before?

Absolutely, but it’d have to be pretty obvious. There’s also always the chance that both the chassis and axle or wheel are bent (hurray, right?). But a bent chassis won’t make it shake. It’ll pull to one side, but not shake. A runout gauge off amazon is really cheap and easy to use, so grab one of those and find what is causing the shake that way first.

Given your description of what happened, “Shaky” could be a kingpin bearing or front hub bearing, as well. Start wiggling stuff all over the kart and see what is loose or bent.

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Thanks all ,additional thing does anyone know what’s supposed to be measurements from kingpin to other kingpin?