Frame Skid Plates

I’m noticing that I have one spot on the bottom of my frame that has been scraping the track. I don’t want it to continue and weaken the frame. I am curious about skid plates or something made of nylon to put over the tubing on the frame to prevent the scraping of the frame. I see their are some pre-made pieces for sale on websites, however my scraping is occurring on a curved part of the frame by my seat and I don’t think any of the products i’ve seen are going to work. Anyone have any tricks or tips?

Skid plates are a must on every kart I own. You don’t have to put the skid plate directly on the part that’s rubbing, putting one in front or behind or both will bottom out against the plate instead of that part of the frame.


Comet has some, maybe you could raise your ride height just a touch?