Frame Straightening at Home

Looking around the forums and Google, I’m having a hard time finding anything useful for straighten a frame at home. I’ve tried my self by clamping it to the tongue of my trailer, putting my rock digging bar through the kingpins and twisting the waist of the frame. I twisted it pretty good, hanging my body weight off the bar. Good news that I didn’t hurt the frame, as it’s still twisted in the same way. And the 10lbs I lost for ever pending season probably won’t have made difference.

I would have taken to the shop that does it locally, but they have been MIA the past couple months with the pandemic going on. Any help and tips for getting this done at home would be great. The frame is completely stripped, so I think it will be the easiest time to fix it before putting it back to together.

I’m really close to pouring a slab with anchor points and getting a porta power.

The down and dirty way we always do it at the track is to strap the rear wheels down (or have someone sit on them), lift the front, stick a block or milk crate or something under one kingpin, and jump on the other. Take measurements, roll the kart back and forth to see if it pulls one way or the other, check the inside rear wheel lift at full steering lock on both sides, scale if possible and repeat as necessary.

We’ve straightened lots of different brands using that method. Once on the grid at a Pro Tour race we shoved a 5 gal gas can under the front of the kart and jumped on it and actually bent it too far so it was pulling the opposite direction. Mechanic said “hit every right side curb on the warm up lap, that’ll put it back to neutral.” Wishful thinking on his part…

Trying to avoid the jumping method if possible. It’s just me and wife here at home, so needs to be a one or two person job. I wish I still worked at a body shop so I just strap it down to a bench and start twisting.

Try to find a used welding platen table.

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That be nice when I get room for in the shed or a new shop.

I did get the frame straitened locally, but I have a plan to get something setup at home. Just low on the list of house projects.