Frame thickness

Hello , can someone tell me what brand kart or frame thickness i would want being 270 pounds? thank you

Do you know what kind of engine you will use?

Frame thickness isn’t always an apples-to-apples comparison, as some manufacturers are using different designs or tubing materials that may alter the flex characteristics of the tubing, so in some cases a thicker tubing may not necessarily equate to a stiffer kart. But in general, that is the case.

Depending on what class you’re running, generally at your weight you’re looking at a 32mm chassis from most of the major manufacturers.

In 206, 30/30 in KA100 30 main rails, 32 cross rails will generally result positively for you.

270 lbs driver weight is going to be challenging. Do you have a sense of what class you might run?

How tall are you? It’ll depend on how much weight you’re putting on the seat vs on the pedal tray, and how much your torso will be lifting the inside tire in the corners. If you’re short and muscular, you’ll be best served by a stiffer frame, possibly going all the way to an all 32 mm frame. If you’re 270 lbs because you’re very tall you’ll want more flexibility and may just want the same 30 mm chassis that smaller drivers use, only with an extended front porch to get your feet further forward.

What’s your spirit animal? So many factors to consider . . . (J/K)

Any info on what class you plan on running is needed information.

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