Frame tube ovaling out

The inner frame rail where my motor sits is flattening out, due to worn motor mount clamps I’ve been using. This also prevents my engine from sitting as straight as possible. Is there anyway to fix this besides cutting it out and replacing? Possibly a collar to squeeze it back into shape? I’m currently wrapping metal tape around it.

I have this same issue on my Facebook Marketplace special. Curious to see what the thoughts are.

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On a lot of frames, you might be able to insert a tube from the back opening(hole to mount rear bumper) and pop it back to round.

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Thats a good one, I’ll have to see if I can do that.

Is this just crushed tubes from way too tight on the motor mount?

Get a good Odenthal slider mount and ignore it.


If you go the “press a tube in” route, make sure you’re ok leaving whatever you put in there because it’s gonna get stuck. Use a short piece with the OD you want and press it with a smaller OD piece.


That did cross my mind as well. Might just go with the Odenthal mount.


When someone I race with had that problem he got 2 piece mount and then shimed the mount to frame to be square. Then he could leave it and just use slide for adjustments. Then eventually got a better used frame

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The Odenthal mount is a great piece. Allowed me to put my seat back towards the middle of the kart as well.