Free line Water pump question

Ok so I installed my water pump gear on the axle and I have the pump set As close to the seat as possible. The belt for the pump is still loose and doesn’t roll very smooth( it is aligned)

Any suggestions ?

Yes. Turn the pump around so that it’s spinning the correct way (look at the blades and housing for a car’s turbocharger, it’s the same way).

If that and clocking the pump so that the outlet is out of the way of the seat doesnt let you pull the belt tight, then you need a shorter belt.

Factory Karts dealers sell the belts in three lengths.

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You mounted your water pump incorrectly. Turn it around. See attached photo. Its not great because hoses and the pipe are attached but you should be able to understand what goes where.

If that still doesnt work and the belts dont get tight see charles’ post about the different length belts.