Front and rear sprocket combinations recommendations for new driver

Currently I am running a 3.50 gear ratio on my LO206 with a 16/56 #35 sprocket setup. I need to add more sprockets to my inventory.

How many different combinations of front and rear sprockets do you all recommend I purchase?

What are your intended tracks? There’s no one size fits all answer. When I ran #35 chain and traveled, I had 15-19 drivers and 53-65 rear sprockets.

I’m planning to get by on 16T and 17T drivers, and I have gears from 56 up to 65. I rarely run the biggest gears (63-65) but I have them, just in case. My 59-62 gears easily get the most action.

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Buy as many as you can afford, unless you plave to run one track, as each track, weather conditions, and track conditions will vary widely on any given day.

I’m on 219 for lo206 for my kiddo. 16-21. 50-65 rears. There is no track I won’t have gearing for.

However several of my sprockets were obtained through buyouts.