Front Bumper Woes

Bought a used Italkart Laguna about a year ago and did a few races in lo206 senior (pleasantly surprised by my results) but I noticed that everyone’s front bumper is lower than mine. I’ve lowered the pushback brackets all the way and tried adjusting my ride height just to see If it made a difference and it didn’t. Any suggestions?

Why do you want a lower nose? what you have looks reasonable. The plastic on low nose bumper rubs and wear through relatively quickly and now you are dealing with a possible air damn and something to replace.

Yeah what are you trying to accomplish?

Keep in mind that there is no benefit to having the nose lower, and actually you might end up catch it on a curb if it’s lower.

Lowering the ride height just to get the nose lower would be a no-go. Ride height is tied into how the front end works and how the chassis flexes overall, so that’s going to affect the kart’s handling quite a bit by changing that.

I just changed the ride height to see if how it looked. The photos show it almost bottomed out. When I raise the front of the chasis the bumper looks super high. Compared to these photos it’s about 3x the height


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Your photo looks normal to me. It can vary from kart to kart.

Since there really isn’t much to gain with the nose lower, I tend to run my daughter’s in the highest setting. This is mostly to keep it from dragging and wearing a hole in it.

Lowering the pushback brackets raises the bumper.