Front End Alignment - Track Rod Ends

Typically when I do my front end alignment on my cars I make sure to centralise the the rack and keep an even number of threads on the track rod ends to ensure a good alignment. This makes sure the steering wheel centres correctly when you let go. Often if the rack is not centralised the wheel will not stay straight.

In karts do you find having the track rod ends equal vs not equal for the same setting making a difference?

I never bother with sweep myself, Does it actually help?

I typically lock the steering, have both arms full screwed in and come out a turn at a time. Often I will end up having to turn one arm more than another.

So I could have maybe 7/8 threads on one side and 5 threads showing the opposite side.

To me it looks like its set equal and square to the eye and will read on the laser gauges ok, but maybe not in full alignment if the threads are different. E.g set at zero with the wheel locked straight. But maybe at a zero setting where the two wheels are offset.

The track rod ends all are the same size, also to note.

Something like this / /