Front End Alignment without Snipers?

I am looking to ensure proper alignment on my front tires, but it seems everyone is using the Snipers alignment tool. At $300.00 this is way beyond my budget for a guy playing and having fun.
What else is available to get my front end set up properly? I saw a tool on Youtube and was wondering if anyone made these?

POWER REPUBLIC - Wheel Alignment Without Sniper Wheel Aligners

Are there some other tools that people are using? Help!!

You can set toe with a tape measure, measuring between the wheel rims ahead of and behind the spindle. Camber is harder. I’d go see if someone racing in another class will lend you their Sniper for one alignment.

What kind of camber/caster system do you have? Are they pills with lots of holes or a sniper system. You may not need lasers depending on your system

I just purchased a sniper camber adjustable kingpin system for front-end adjustment.
Now I am searching for a tool to set the adjustment properly.

Probably has great resale as well

I made these a few weeks ago. Because you’re measuring down to a millimeter, I made mine pretty precise, and they seemed to get me lined up pretty well. Main power tools I used were a drill press and a chop saw. I have not yet double checked with Snipers, but might this weekend.


This is what I think I am looking for although…
These look like they will measure toe in properly, as well as camber.
But I don’t see how these can be used to measure caster.
Does anyone have a youtube link?

You rotate the angle iron 90 degrees for caster

I built an alignment tool similar to the one in the video you posted , super simple and accurate. Just make sure you get thick enough gauge to not flex and it will work great. Set my alignment quickly and total cost was $15.

What was the size of the alignment tool you made.

What size are the pieces of angle iron you used?

The sizes are discussed on Youtube.

I’m pretty sure the vid said make them 300mm, which is what I remember doing.

The specific size isn’t really important. Just thick enough that it won’t flex or bend.

The length matters to an extent because generally toe is measured in mm when really what we’re looking for is the angle.

Seems logical that you would follow the diameter of your front tire.