Front End Set up with Offset Steering

Hi there,
My sons go kart has got an offset steering column, about 2cm to the left, so the right tie rod is 2cm longer than the left one.
Given this, should I be doing anything different to the set up? Other than the tie rods being different lengths, the set up is the same both sides, i.e. the tie rods go into the same fittings on the steering column and spindles. But does this mean the Ackerman will be different turning right versus left because of the different length tie rods? should I put the tie rods in difference fittings to try and make them the same length.

Is this an oval kart or sprint kart?

I think I would leave the setup the same on both sides. I would think changing the mounting points would have more of an effect than having two different lengths of tie rods. What does the chassis manufacturer recommend?

I have owned a few karts like this. Just treat them like they are equal. No special set up needed.

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That is normal on many chassis - the steering columns are offset to the left in the chassis so the distance from column pick up point to spindle pick up point is shorter on the left than the right. Some manufactures use different length tierods (older Birel/Freeline) and most just use the same but the amount of exposed tie rod end thread is less on the left side than the right.


I think you’re right. keep same mounting points and just make sure the toe settings are right, and ignore the different length tie rods.

Good evening , do you know if tony kart or otk kart frames in general have also an offset steering column ??

Yep OTK is offset but still uses 270mm tierods on both sides.

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