Front End Set up with Offset Steering

Hi there,
My sons go kart has got an offset steering column, about 2cm to the left, so the right tie rod is 2cm longer than the left one.
Given this, should I be doing anything different to the set up? Other than the tie rods being different lengths, the set up is the same both sides, i.e. the tie rods go into the same fittings on the steering column and spindles. But does this mean the Ackerman will be different turning right versus left because of the different length tie rods? should I put the tie rods in difference fittings to try and make them the same length.

Is this an oval kart or sprint kart?

I think I would leave the setup the same on both sides. I would think changing the mounting points would have more of an effect than having two different lengths of tie rods. What does the chassis manufacturer recommend?

I have owned a few karts like this. Just treat them like they are equal. No special set up needed.

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That is normal on many chassis - the steering columns are offset to the left in the chassis so the distance from column pick up point to spindle pick up point is shorter on the left than the right. Some manufactures use different length tierods (older Birel/Freeline) and most just use the same but the amount of exposed tie rod end thread is less on the left side than the right.


I think you’re right. keep same mounting points and just make sure the toe settings are right, and ignore the different length tie rods.

Good evening , do you know if tony kart or otk kart frames in general have also an offset steering column ??

Yep OTK is offset but still uses 270mm tierods on both sides.

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I agree with everything discussed above. I do have a question, is it possible to get an accurate “sweep” setting on a kart that is not symmetrical? I understand that “toe” is more important, but is it possible to have both sweep and toe set accurately on an asymmetrical kart. Thanks!

I don’t think there is a kart with a symmetric front end or a centered seat.
Have you seen this video yet on setting sweep?

Yes, thanks. I have seen it. I must be missing something. I’ll set the sweep and then set the toe. It seems that setting the toe cancels the sweep setting. I end up back where I started???

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Sweep is centering your steering so that you can set your toe correctly. This is a good explanation:


I’m experiencing the same thing. I’ll set my sweep right, then it will be cancelled out completely when I set the toe. The tie rods have to be in a certain position for the toe to be right both sides which in turn puts the sweep back out of whack.

Same thing for my camber to be the same both sides; my caster has to be one hole to the left on the right side compared to the left. If I set the caster the same on both sides, that in turn puts my camber back out of whack. So it’s all very confusing for me. :sweat_smile:

Caster is what it is, worry about the camber. It’s not uncommon for camber to be a hole different to be symmetrical.

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Thanks. Was chasing my tail a bit with it but it’s good to know a hole difference is normal.

Just how important is sweep? It’s about 10mm different. With my toe setting perfect, I’ll then adjust the tie rods so the sweep number meets in the middle, which puts my toe back out of alignment. So I adjust the toe, which then puts my sweep back out.

I set my sweep, lock the wheel in place with it centered, set my toe, then lock it all down.

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So you don’t re-check your sweep after setting your toe as it’s irrelevant at that point?

The point of setting sweep is so you can start setting your alignment from true center. Once you set and lock the steering column from moving while you’re setting toe, steering will still be at true center even is the sweep is slightly skewed afterwards.

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What’s the reasoning behind some chassis have different offset steering? What’s the pros & cons?