Front end wheel alignment kart republic

Had a mishap where I clipped a barrier and bent the steering block on the left side. I replaced the block and noticed when I put the wheel straight the wheels turn to the left a bit. Tried straightening this out by adjusting the tie rods but with how bad it was off I had to shorten the right rod about a half inch and add a half inch to the left for it to look anywhere close to straight. Now one rod is about an inch shorter than the other to keep things straight. Still trying to get the funds up for alignment tools and such. Is this something Kartsport at GoPro could help with?

By “bent the steering block on the left side”, are you referring to the “C” bracket that holds the spindle?
Depending on how hard you “clipped” the barrier, you may have bent the chassis, bent a king-pin, bent a tie-rod(s) or bent the steering shaft.
Link to adjusting front end without a Sniper.

KR’s are soft - really soft. Get your frame jigged to be checked and straightened. A pair of Snipers are as important as a tyre gauge - otherwise it’s all guesswork.

The steering block or the part that you mount the hub to. If it was a car you would just call it the knuckle

You’re talking about the spindle? You shouldn’t have to adjust this through the tie rods, it’s very possible that the frame is bent.

One thing to note is steering columns are not drilled perfectly. I’ve noticed with the KR’s especially the steering wheel is usually a little off center when the front wheels are straight, not a lot but just enough to be noticeable with the kart on the stand. Make sure the column is lined up straight and set the toe from there.

This is definitely something that KartSport can help you with at GoPro, if you’re not 100% sure on it they can get it all set for you.

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