Front right Spindle [Dirt Karting]

Something I’ve been wondering about for a long time, why don’t kart manufacturers, and maybe I’m wrong, maybe they already do, make right front spindles with camber and stagger already built-in? You could tell them, when you order a a spindle, what your normal set up is and they could build a spindle to match your set up. I can’t see it being a real expensive item.

Could you “print” this kind of stuff or send a file to have it made? Presumably this is possible with these fancy machines that lathe metal? I imagine it’s pretty expensive though.

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I’m confused why you would want a right front spindle with camber and stagger built-in? Or are you talking about both front spindles being custom made?

Unless I’m misunderstanding the suggestion, I’m not sure what the advantage would be. Seems like you would have to stock a range of spindles and swap every time you want to make a camber adjustment?

I look at it as manufacturer determines “standard” camber, and if equipped you can adjust it via the kingpin pills.

Actually, I was thinking oval dirt karts when I wrote that.

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